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For Those Having Super O's: Are You On Any Special Diet?
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    We've been talking for some time about The Aneros, Super O's and some of our ability to have them with or possibly even without the Aneros. However for some it seems, even after doing everything right they still can't attain that Super O. Men typically think of women as being naturally more orgasmic, or the ability to orgasm more, and in more different ways than men. We also think of them as more capable of multiple orgasms without a refraction period. Of course that has changed since the Aneros, and as guys become more aware of prostate and pereniem based orgasms, as opposed to traditional sex orgasms with ejaculation. Still, we learn that in actuality while women may have a great capacity, in reality many if not most have not learned things such as vaginal orgasms, or anal orgasms, multiple orgasms. Many women actually are unable to have orgasms.

    So, I suppose that is a long preface, but what I am getting at is perhaps even when all things are done right in reality it eventually comes down to brain chemistry, and the mix of seratonin versus dopamine as well as perhaps a few other things. In other words for some of you that might be frustrated perhaps you need to look at other issues rather than just Aneros technique.

    By now most of us are familiar with our resident member Zaneblue and her book... 'The Orgasmic Diet' . Zane proposes a diet which comprises a few things and in particular including fish oil, and dark chocolate. Many people have found astounding results with this diet, and Zane attributes discovering much of her orgasmic ability from this diet. I will note however, that primarily this diet was designed for women, and addressed towards women and their issues with orgasm. Perhaps the diet works for men, perhaps it doesn't, or perhaps it must be slightly different for guys. In particular guys have a lot of testosterone that women don't have which could make a difference. Anyway, I wanted to open this thread for those of us that have experienced a super O. What do we eat? What do we drink? What supplements or meds do we take? Do we have any special medical conditions which may make us different? What about exercise? While this is primarily for men, I'd love to hear from women also if they are multi-orgasmic or especially gifted in that area.

    My idea here is perhaps we can begin to build a bit of a database of common qualities of successful Super O guys so that others can get theirs easier and quicker. It should also perhaps help to discover if 'The Orgasmic Diet' or something similar works for guys as well.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Ok, here is my info and now I don't have to post parts of it all over the place. Yes, I have super O's. Lots of them, fairly easily, and I can have orgasms without the Aneros. Additionally I have recently learned to have hands free, Aneros free orgasms, and even ejaculate from it.

    I am in fairly good condition, and exercise mildly to moderately weekly.

    I apparently was doing something right, even before I ran into information about Zane and her diet. In particular I was already taking fairly large doses of fish oil (omega 3) (EPA/DHA) to help with other health issues such as lowering triglycerides. To help in weight loss and just better healthy lifestyle I had investigated The Zone diet by Dr Barry Sears and have been on it. (While I still feel it is the best way to eat, I'm not on it all the time, but I do like to generally follow the principles.) The Zone is a moderate carb diet consisting of primarily 'good' carbs like fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes in a 40/30/30 ratio of carbs/protein/fat. Dr Sears is also famous as a proponent of Omega 3 fish oil for an extraordinary long list of ailments. Many of these Dr Sears concepts are starting to make there way into mainstream medicine. I was also often taking calcium/magnesium/zinc - I thought it good for the muscles and bones and for recovery after exercise.

    In addition to fish oil, and usually trying to keep my daily carbs down in order to also control blood sugar, I take an herb tribulus (which increases testosterone). Also occasionally I take Ginko Biloba. I've been mountain climbing a number of times up 14'ers in Colorado and often get altitude sick while up there. Through my research I learned that Ginko really helps with oxygen uptake and eliminates or minimizes altitude sickness as well as provides more vigor - particularly at high altitudes. It also increases blood flow to the brain - one reason it is often used in Altzheimers patients. I sometimes take Panax Ginseng. It is supposed to provide overall increased endurance, energy, stamina, and sexual vigor / desire. I sometimes take an herbal formulation called Super Mira Forte which also acts to properly convert body chemistry to testosterone as opposed to estrogen. According to Life Extension Foundation this is supposed to help the prostate as their studies believe and indicate that it is estrogen and not testosterone that causes prostate problems and cancers. Finally, I typically take vit e, and c, and perhaps a multivitamin.

    Later after reading some of Zane's forum I learned about the extra effects of dark chocolate. I had already heard of their health benefits so I occasionally indulged - just not all the time. Also, due to Dr Sears and 'The Omega Rx Zone' discusses the miracle health breakthru of omega 3 fish oil, I was already starting to take higher doses, of much purer, and more concentrated fish oil.

    It is typically in the higher concentration doses of fish oil that you get more of the health benefits. These are researched to include reducing depression (similarly to prescription drugs), lowering triglycerides, reducing inflammation throughout the body including arthritis, helping orgasms, thins the blood and helps prevent strokes, may help increase good cholesterol. Many more uses... go to to check it out.

    So there it is... I basically started with all the fundamentals and then got started on the Aneros where I learned about other stimulation, sensations, and orgasms I could have. I believe it likely could be in large part my diet that helps me to have such good orgasms. I've noticed I can even 'load up' on many of these ingredients a day or so in advance while refraining from traditional orgasm/ejaculation for a while and I tend to get super charged.

    Anyway, my diet is in many ways similar to Zane's recommended though no doubt she may mention differences. Perhaps following her recommendations more closer would even do more for me.

    What about the rest of you? What if anything do you think you do differently, or special that may help you on your Super O journey. Are you following Zane's diet, or have you recently started it? If so, have you noticed a definite change?
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Well thank you for the thread! I just wanted to mention the only reason I say my diet is for women is that in men, particularly younger men, it can cause premature ejaculation. The diet works exactly the same for both men and women, as far as I can tell. It speeds up clitoral/penile orgasm and enhances the ability to have vaginal/Super-O orgasms.
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    Well after purchasing Zaneblue's book and incorporating the omega-3 fatty acids into my diet my prostate orgasms have reached new heights. I do not eat much chocolate but when I do make sure it is dark. I eat a lot of fish and chicken for my protein source as well as egg whites. I have completely stopped caffeine which I did not think would be possible but with time was accomplished. I do not eat any milk products due to an allergy. I have never liked soy products so no problems there with her diet. I usually eat 1200-1500 calories per day. I have started exercising on a regular basis. My omega-3 supplement is lovaza which is available by prescription only. I take one with each meal and one prior to bed. Zane's diet has dramatically improved the number of super-O's I have during play time. In usually an hour I am orgasming 15-20 times and they build on each other with the next being more intense than the previous. I will say you do need to pay heed to what she says about premature ejaculation. Once again let me say thank you to Zane her research is truly ground breaking. I believe this diet will help many men trying to obtain the super-O as well as many women searching for an improved sex life and orgasmic potential. There is a ton of research being done right now with omega-3's and many new discoveries about these molecules are coming in the future. I would highly recommend her book to anyone.