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KSMO/Maximus for gay men?
  • MikadoMikado
    Posts: 3
    Hi all--

    I'm reading the posts here, and thinking about trying KSMO (don't even know what that stands for yet)-- but when I go to the, it seems it's all about straight partnered sex.

    I'm very happy for people to have exciting and affirming sex lives, but i'm single and gay-- will i have to interpret and re-interpret everything from that site to make sense for myself? or is the very heteronormative web-site just an ad gimick to draw (straight) people in?

    And-- should I start with the first set of lessons, or go for the pricier set with the 'advanced" lessons and the indexed site?

    And-- Maximus? is that another kind of KSMO? I realize i'm acting kind of clueless, but I know there are very talented teachers on this forum... any insights to share with me?

  • MikadoMikado
    Posts: 3
    Um-- from me again--

    Sorry-- I now remember that Maximus is another model-- so forget that bit of the query ;)

    Thanks :)
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Mikado,

    I have been involved with KSMO (Key Sound Multiple Orgasms) for quite a while. I have not noticed that there is a heavy emphasis one way or another in regards to homosexual or hetersexual partners. For the most part, especially in the beginning, it is recommended as a solo sexual experience. It will all start with you. I would recommend that you start at the beginning to make sure that you make your learning curve as short as possible. It is a great program. I find that it compliments Aneros perfectly.

    If I understand your question about the Maximus, that is either an Aneros model or a lubricant. I do not relate that term with anything over at KSMO.

    I hope it helps. Best of luck Mikado.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Hi Buster,

    As a "pro", which product do you recommend of the KSMO...$70 vs. $130?

    I got the $20 CD off Amazon awhile back, which was more fluff than it was "meat"...I do not want to have that happen again...

    Is the $70 package the most beneifit for the $$$? Is the $130 package add that much extra content for the extra $60?

    Just looking for your insights.


  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Virg,

    I don't know how he is packaging his seminars now, but I found that the 2nd one I use all the time. There is a part that I listen to every session. It is the part that has an actual 20 minute session with the Key Sounds articulated by Jack with what he considers the proper amount of time in between. That really helped me get into the rhythm of it.

    I have listened to the first CD 3 or 4 times and was glad that I listened multiple times because I did pick up some additional information.

    I hope that helps.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Mikado and B & V

    Mikado, if you visit the KSMO site at and use the Google site search function, entering "gay" as the term, you will have many entries by gay members there and others to read. You can respond to these threads and posts, as well as adding your own, if you register on the site.

    I bought the complete Library of 4 CDs from Jack and am glad that I did.

    All the best.