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Newbie Drills?
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    As I was working my through the material that is in these forums, it occurred to me. Once someone has read through the manufacturer's docs and the BeeLine, would it be possible for someone skilled in the art to develop drills?

    What I'm thinking of is hour-long exercises that would help the wandering clueless masses (me!) understand how to develop those all important muscles and nerve-endings. Something that would make the experience a little more guided and the information easier to consume.

    Any thoughts from the elder statesmen?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    “Very Interesting…” , I am currently working on a project somewhat related in that vein. What format did you see these “drills” embodying? Written directions? Videos/DVD’s? Audio sessions/CD’s? Some type of instructional material is an idea that BF Mayfield has been working on for some time now. I think he is writing a kind of training manual that would expand upon much of the material now contained in the new WIKI (which you did not have available during your learning and re-wiring process, for example, check out - ). I believe your concept is worthy of further thoughtful development and could certainly be useful to a certain percentage of newbies. The biggest drawback here is that there are so many possible techniques that one can get confused and frustrated as certain techniques that work well for one person, don’t work at all for another. This Forum is living proof of that, as you yourself know. However, I do encourage you to think about it some more and how you might accomplish the establishment of an Aneros Anal Arts Academy.
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    I had nothing so grand as video or audio recordings in mind. I was thinking about some basic written instructions that would introduce people to their prostate. First define the four muscle groups used to stimulate the prostate (good wiki material) with name, location and how you might know it today (eg. used to hold back urine flow) and then how to do some basic "try this."

    You are correct that nothing works for everyone and each person will have to find their own path, but I think some very basic instructions gleened from huge quantity here might help people understand key concepts faster.