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Beginner - Aneros Maximus
  • Lake83Lake83
    Posts: 14
    Hi. I bought the Aneros Maximus as my first Aneros, and I'm wondering if that was a bad idea since it's suppose to be for experienced users. Maybe the Helix is a better purchase for beginners?
    I've had 2 sessions with the Maximus and didn't feel much. I guess my anus has to get used to it, and maybe in the future I'll start enjoying it more and get closer to those mini-O's.
    Maybe it's because the Maximus is pretty large and doesn't move much inside?
  • tnkylntnkyln
    Posts: 22
    All the models take some getting use to but especially the ones made for more experienced users.

    Just take is slow and easy, relax and above all.... USE PLENTY OF LUBE. If after a few sessions like about a dozen, you still feel it is too full and not moving then do a step down. I would suggest Helix or basic starter model like the MGX. I suggested getting the Helix as your next model because if you use the Maximus for at least 12 times, the MGX will feel empty to you but for sure with lots of lube it definately will move in your rectum..

    Practice makes it better.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I agree with tnkyln's thoughts but would suggest you just take the plunge (if you can spare the bucks) and get the Helix and/or MGX and hold off on the Maximus for awhile.

    The Helix and MGX can both leave to very intense and interesting sensations, which can give you a point of reference. A sense of what to be looking for... This is caused by the ability to create movement, and this also draws in your use of your muscle groups, which will change and improve the sensations as you develop and tone those muscles over time. Plus, you did not need that much lube, and for some, none at all.

    The Maximus, which is a good model, does not move that much (compared to the Helix and MGX) due to it's size. It does take a fair amount of muscle strength and control to get those sensations. It does take a good amount of lube, which is always a big question and issue here, depending on what you use.

    The Helix and MGX are GREAT for learning what feels good, which will continue to change and improve over time. They are GREAT models to start will not be disappointed.

    Just another opinion...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Lake83!

    Although I usually recommend the Helix or MGX for a first Aneros model, the Maximus should work for you just fine!
    You will probably want other models too, so you can go back and pick-up these units as well, later on . . .

    You are totally correct!

    "I guess my anus has to get used to it, and maybe in the future I'll start enjoying it more"

    Your body will take time to acclimate itself to ALL the new feelings it is experiencing! (the "re-wiring" process you hear about . . .)

    Right now, just enjoy your Journey!

    Later, hlaser99