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Good Pornography
  • I know this is an Aneros forum, but I consider pornography an adjunct to Aneros use. When I say "good pornography", I mean videos that show loving couples that obviously enjoy sex and pleasing one another. Every now & then you'll come across an actress in commercial porn that shows an appetite and enjoyment of sex, but for the most part it is a blow job followed by a series of positions and ending in the "cum shot".

    I have heard of Swedish films that might fill the bill, but does anyone have a web site I might find something like this at?
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    You can't go wrong with Nina Hartley. And of course anything by Betty Dodson or Annie Sprinkle is women having genuine orgasms.
  • Candida Royalle might be making porn that you would be interested in.

    What turned me off to porn was when they started making half the sex scenes anal. Penis and shit just don't go together... disgusting. Plus, the acting has never been good but porn actresses used to be able to fake better orgasms. So I'm no longer a buyer.

    Speaking of Annie Sprinkle. If you do massage or if real orgasms turn you on, I recommend the instructional DVD "The Best of Vulva Massage". Real people real bodies (not perfect barbie dolls) and lots of good techniques you can use in the bedroom. On it is a segment with Annie Sprinkle being stimulated to a massive megagasm, timed at 5:10.

    It also has a very hot segment that you might like with Jwala receiving a Tantric massage, alternating clitoral and G-spot stimulation it shows her getting multiple orgasms. Her Heart Chakra is open so it is a very emotional scene.

    My fantasy, a woman rejects me for sex and I suggest, "Well how about a massage?". I would love to be able to give her a Tantric massage.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    There is a site which seems to be completely free. Just use a throw away email when signing up.
  • There is also a free amateur site where people around the world send in their self made video recordings. Some of them are very good, and they are authentic to the most part. There was one sent in about a week ago where a gal gives this guy a prostate massage. It was very amusing. She would get him right at the brink of blowing his wad, then stop and giggle at his misery. She did this several time before he was finally pushed over the edge.
  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    Try Andrew Blake movies. His films usually include superb women in very erotic situations. The music is awesome too. They are great for couples.