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Progasm as a first Aneros - big mistake or not?
  • Well,

    After having read all this praising of Progasm, I ordered it without having a second thought.

    As it typically happens, only when the order was submitted, I ran into recommendations that Progasm is not good as a first Aneros (normally Helix is advised), it also agrees with Aneros official recommendations.

    I don't live in US and it is not very easy (and sort of expensive) do returns, therefore sending it back if I don't like it, is not very attractive option.

    Here comes my question: what are exact disadvantage of Progasm as a first toy? Will it totally ruin my experience? Make learning curve longer?

    P.S. I have actually written to Aneros support and asked them to replace Progasm with Helix before it is shipped ... :)
  • no one can might like it as a first as i may wanna start smaller...if your relatively new to any anal might feel too big..i got the helix second...both are really enjoyable...but different...with the progasm, the p-tab stays put...with helix, it moves more...would suggest getting both just for variety...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Hi alex2008!

    First, Welcome Aboard!

    Secondly, if you are like most of us you will end up with multiple Aneros models, anyway . . .

    If you hadn't already ordered one, I always recommend either the Helix or Mgx for a first ride!

    The reason for a smaller model to start with is simple . . . smaller is easier to fit in there and also more maneuverable (moves more for more feelings). The Progasm is a tighter fit and moves less, so it has a much different feel!

    I have a full stable with models ranging from the Sgx and up and I make my choice by how I feel at that moment!

    You can't go wrong, tho!

    This is my take on this,

    Later, Hlaser99
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    You may eventually want to use the Progasm, and while I think it is too big (and requires more lube) for "precise" stimulation, I recommend you START will a smaller model - Helix and/or MGX.

    There is MUCH to be learned and experienced with these models that you may miss out on by going with the biggest model, then trying the smaller models.

    Just my personal opinion...
  • Heya, I started off with the Pro last October and have had a mixed journey.
    Problem with me was that I was trying WAY to hard to interpret the instructions or trying to Force
    the contractions that the instructions speak of.
    What I HAVE found recently with the PROGASM is that it requires very little effort to get it to work.
    Just put some KY jelly on the Progasm and some liquid KY into your ass and then just let it be for
    10-15 mins and get used to the feeling.
    Once you are OK with the new sensation just slightly and I mean SLIGHTLY add a little pressure.
    The intructions I received said 1/4 or so pressure but with the Pro I sugest 1/8 or as little as you
    can apply.
    Anyway my point was that with the Progasm you dont realy need more lube you just can't tighten your grip on it continously because it's size will prevent the lube from circulating and keeping the unit lubed(Hence it gets dry and can rub you raw).
    Remember to be patient and ENJOY!
  • my feeling on this was that since i do like anal alone or with the wife helping that i would enjoy the progasm more than a smaller one...
    being able to enjoy a nice buttfuck with a six to 8 inch dildo or vibe is what had me leaning towards the progasm..i can see though that if ur new to any anal play a smaller aneros would be better to start with..
  • Edit
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    I remember the heart racing when opening the progasm package and the first ride was certainly a new experience. It has provided some great sessions and some so so. Not unlike the other models in that sense as it seems to be all about timing. It's a good complement to the others and as the dentist says "open wide." :lol: