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Nipple stim & best session so far
  • Oh bliss.

    So, I'm apt to try almost every suggestion here. I hear a lot of interesting ideas, and learn new possible ways to experience pleasure from my body. So grateful, you guys. Hugs to all! *hugs*

    I've been trying nipple stimulation. At first I was ~extremely~ skeptical that it would do anything for me, let alone lead to penis-free orgasm. I based that judgment on my life's experience with touching my nipples. They never really felt very sensitive at all.

    I read in here that you could awaken them if you touched them every night. Ah ha, said me. Like the prostate itself? Quaeritur. It's worth a shot. So try I did. I found that just like external prostate massage, which also rendered no sensations at first, it grew in potency the more I kept with it on a daily basis.

    I've found that, also like the external prostate massage, I can arouse myself pretty damn well with nipple stimulation. People have recommended porn, but, to be frank... I'm not generally into watching porn to get aroused. I usually watch it afterward, to fulfill the already throbbing need. Er, well, I used to before the aneros. Now I turn to my Helix or Eupho.

    Anyway. I was tired tonight. Long workday and only four hours sleep last night due to a few factors as well as a session. I didn't expect anything to happen, really. I tend to be able to read my body's excitement level pretty well. So I thought I would lie down and practice nipple stim, because it has been getting reaaaally good lately. Tonight I think I had a mini-O from touching them. It's utterly amazing. I stroke my left nipple (my right nipple is still pretty sensationless) and breast. When I start to feel little electric bolts in my prostate, I drag my finger swiftly across my breast (oh it feels good to touch the breast too, ohhh) and let my fingertip swiftly caress my nipple. This augments the bolt, like it has been said here before. I keep this up, breathing deep and steadily while trying to match my caresses with these spikes of pleasures. After a while I'm on edge, and my penis is incredibly hard and bouncing up and down as my PC muscles engage involuntarily. Fantastic.

    Since the nipple stimulation had awakened me rather nicely I decided to chance a session. Why not? I slipped Mr Helix in and did my usual stuff. Already it was moving around on its own. Before very long my heart was pumping and my pelvic region was simply singing. I even got to experience some really nice precum leakage, in time with some of the deeper movements. Oh goddess does it feel good when I can feel my hot precum leaking onto my thigh. *moans* Verrry arousing.

    I had a mini-O this way tonight and I believe I truly came closer to super-O than I ever have. I was starting to feel euphoria spreading throughtout my body. I would describe it almost like the p-waves grew hands and started pulling on my stomach and hauling themselves upward as if they wanted to kiss my face soon. Bliss.

    What really amazes me about this session is all the things that were stacked against it being fruitful. I was tired. Check. I had a session (three actually, yeah I KNOW!) last night. I had gas because I'm still adjusting to the --finally-- full dose of fish oil. I had considerable caffeine today. I smoke, too. Started almost three years ago. I've been doing it pretty heavily actually and I'm going to try to quit next week (hooray for me!). All-in-all, my odds were about as good as the kind carnies offer.

    And yet... look. It was ecstasy. I'm also getting better about letting go.

    Exquisite. I feel like I was making love to myself. Do you understand? It feels that intimate, that reciprocal, and that open. Yes, that's how'd I describe it. Like making love to myself.

    Boundless thanks. Endless gratitude. Infinite promise.

    Yours in sojourn,

  • Cool, another convert. :)

    I was the same way. Nipple stim didn't do much for me, but I gave it a go and while I still don't believe I've had a mini-o, what I HAVE felt is so close to orgasmic bliss that I couldn't care less at this point if it gets any better. And then it keeps getting better. :D

    It seems there are many people with one nipple that's more sensitive than the other. I'd like to know if it's possible to increase sensitivity in the other one in some way. As it is I already get lost in the feelings so I can't imagine what it would feel like if they both worked the same.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey PerennialQuestr!

    I think "most" of us have to train their nipples . . . but really worth the effort, eh???!

    I know exactly what you mean! I always go into a session with the idea of making love to me or my prostate!

    Great post, by the way!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Welcome to the community of those who have discovered the ecstatic pleasures of the nipples, PerennialQuester! I absolutely agree about training the nipples. My nipples have been part of my erotic sensorium for over four decades, and I am still discovering new realms of pleasure. And yes, the breast, too. I was slow to discover the incredible erotic feelings in my breast. My technique is now to stimulate the nipple almost to orgasm, then to move toward massaging of the breasts. I have found that I have one long mega-orgasm this way with four or five waves of climax. These are amazing and leave me moaning in bliss.

    As for left/right nipple sensitivity. In the beginning my left nipple was definitely more sensitive, and I seemed to have little feeling in my right nipple. Now it is the opposite.

    We would love to hear more about your explorations.

  • GeistGeist
    Posts: 41
    Nipple stim is amazing! Over the last 4 or so months, it's been fascinating and very exciting to experience the gradual growth in sensation, the new bodily reactions and the intense arousal it causes. Like with the Aneros, it's been immensely rewarding journey, and now nipple stim plays a crucial part in all my self-loving.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    :twisted: Full dose, hmmm? Very erotic poetic post!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    yup, nipple stim rocks.

    PerennielQ- best luck quitting tabacco. let us know...

  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    PQ, now you're a nipple convert, try this...

    During an Aneros session and with a couple of Os under your belt - mini or super, whichever level you're at - start on the nipples. Now comes the fun part! Whilst caressing your nipples totally focus on them to the exclusion of everything else. Your body will have other ideas, your penis may start twitching, your prostate throbbing, tingling, your anus spasming, but ignore (as far as you are able) these other sensations and maintain total focus on the sensations and pleasure in and around your nipples. Vary the action, pinching, rolling, pressing in, flicking, whatever...
    Try to stay calm and relaxed and maintain deep abdominal breathing. Soft-palate nursing helps but only if you can do it without thinking about it. You need to maintain that focus on your nipples. (Not tried SPN? Do a Forum Search - it works!)

    Hold this nipple-focus for as long as possible. Your nipples will become ultra-sensitive almost (or even!) to the point of pain but with pain and pleasure being so closely linked any slight pain, with a little mental adjustment, can be re-directed back into pleasure :twisted:

    My own experience is that after a few (10? 15? Timeless!) minutes my whole chest area, inside and out, starts tingling and glowing with pleasure with both nipples becoming as one burning ecstatic heart in the centre.

    Now, quickly but smoothly, switch focus from your nipples to your prostate and perineum which throughout this time will have been pummelled, stroked, pressed and caressed by your Aneros via feedback from your nipple tweaking. But, of course, you have been ignoring these sensations, haven't you?

    Suddenly you become very aware of the high state of arousal that exists in your pelvis...

    Have fun!

    Old Wolf
  • I find nipple stimulation very pleasurable, but it appears that it is leading to retro ejaculation. Now I understand that retro is not harmful but I would like to get things going in the right direction, so to speak. This is not something that I experience in other aspects of my sexual life. Comments or suggestions?