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Video demonstration
  • Hi everyone. I just ordered my Aneros. I was wondering if there were any videos demostrating how to use it???
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    Yeah I wonder often if I'm missing some essential step. Seeing how others enjoy the Aneros, and especially observing what the super O looks like would be very helpful. I'm heterosexual but still watching another man enjoying the Aneros would be very helpful in comparing what I'm doing and what they're doing, and why they're successful and I'm less so.

    Just a thought. $0.02.

  • Edit
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    i agree,

    i bought the aneros a while ago & still haven't had any luck.

    perhaps one of the end users might share a video with us?

    ps i'm straight but i agree with fleshjoe.
  • Not a video, but could be helpful.

    Heres a site in the UK that markets the same device, they call it the Enemagra. (cluttered with ads)

    The guy wrote a very extensive guide on how to use the Enemagra. Its about the same as the guide on here, but with far more detail. He also has a page for customer feedback,"client comments", somewhat like the bee--line here. They also have a message board as well. Click on "Members Area"

    I thought the site was interesting and it did help me get another perspective on the Aneros.

  • It arrived today!!!! Thanks for your information. Excited to give it a test run.
  • First of all, I think one of the problems you might be is telling yourself and others that you are not gay and that in itself may prohibit you from enjoying.  I am not gay either but my first wife was anally inclined and taught me to enjoy my a-spot.  Since then I have more enjoyment with using anal toys and of course Aneros products. I started with a prostate toy that I purchased from Europe but found it was too big.  I have the MGX, helix, and the Progasm.  Using any of these depends on my moods, whether I want a full feeling or just feeling filled.  I have had many Os..etc but I will say that my attitude about  anal play was never about "I'm not gay"...sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Why should women have all the fun with knowledge of their G-spot....this is ours...relax and enjoy it.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603

    FleshJoe wrote, ages ago:

    especially observing what the super O looks like would be very helpful

    Actually, you'd see very little with me as I enter an O. Nothing much happens externally.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Every full-body Aneros experience is different and the outward appearance isn't much to watch.  (this isn't a spectator sport.)  Here's a composite of what I typically feel and what I think you might see.

    Brainwaves, would be better to tell the tale.   Inside the O-zone there is usually some overt searching of one's body as the hands seek to identify the hottest stim points for this particular session (wrists, nips, thighs, abs, Tricep hair, perineum, sole of foot, etc.)   There will be involuntary disturbances in breathing and some reaction as the subject seeks to breath "properly."  Soon, there may be some eyelid or facial twitching, an invisible jaw clench and ab contractions (easy to feel and hard for someone else to see--a partner can easily feel them).   The pelvis may shift a tiny amount in reaction to the ab contractions and as the subject "hugs" the toy.   Usually there's some deep fascia tremor that doesn't show up in a video unless it's cultivated or "fought" into major limb shaking.    Limb shaking is an energy hog and older guys speak of avoiding it as best as they can.

    At full-body orgasm, it's more breathing disturbances.  Then, skin flushing.  The flush is accompanied by a thin coat of sweat.  There may be a shivver if the subject senses this as a chill rather than warm sweat.  Seeing the "just out of the sauna" look is a dead give-away that the guy just had a good time.  Then it's back to normalizing the breathing to either sustain the orgasm (calm-seas parking zone) or drop down a notch or two and build a new experience.  If the drop-back is major, there's an invisible but busy internal "inventory" going on.  That's to find a new opportunity.

    No vids.  Too many people know what my rather boring  ink looks like.      hth....  blessings ....   rook