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2 Weeks of orgasm heaven but dildo ruins it
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Well I meant to post this a month ago when I was having alot of success with the aneros/aneroless sessions but was afraid "bragging" might have a negative impact on my sessions so decided not to. Now I wish I did because this post won't be as good but here goes...

    I hooked up with a very awesome girl a little over 2 months ago and she's totally down for me using the aneros with or without her. The first 2 aneros sessions I did with her present were incredible. Lots of waves of orgasms ranging from many different intensity levels. One thing that happened which was off the hook was at the end of the aneros session we had sex (aneros still in) and something very cool happened. I had a "normal" traditional orgasm but it was maybe have as strong. The catch though was that my penis was pulsating as if I was having an orgasm but I wasn't actually having one. This lasted for maybe 10 seconds and after this I still had sexual energy in me as if I had no orgasm. I was amazed that I could have an orgasm of this nature without ejaculating considering I was having sex so obviously my penis was being touched. I was under the assumption that if your penis is being touched then it would lead to a traditional orgasm.

    To continue with this story... I had two really great aneros sessions in which both ended in the best sex of my life. Then something else incredible happened. For about a 2 week time period, I had really "awakened" my prostate area and felt like the re-wiring was taking place big time. I began to constantly feel a buzzing coming from my perinium. And for about a 2 week time period it got to the point to where I couldn't fall to sleep without having massive waves of orgasms wash over me. As in for some reason just the act of relaxing the body to fall to sleep would get my prostate and perinium going and within seconds would be orgasming. The strange part about this is that these aneroless sessions (though I guess they weren't really sessions since i was just trying to go to sleep but they quickly turned into sessions) were more intense than my aneros sessions. Plus I could just at random go into waves of orgasms. My GF couldn't believe this ability that I was learning she thought it was absolutely wonderful. She just loved witnessing my female like orgasms.
    So anyways there I was for about 2 weeks having many waves of orgasms wash over me especially whenever I tried to fall to sleep. I was really feeling like the rewiring had taken place and that it was only going to get better until...

    My GF and I went and bought a dildo for her to use on me. Was exciting for both of us. Well I bought the smallest one I could find which compared to the aneros is massive. It took her awhile to be able to fit it in me but eventually I gave up cause it just hurt too bad.
    Now up until this giant dildo got put in me like I said I was in orgasm heaven for a couple weeks. But right after this incident with this dildo, all the pleasure waves and orgams when going to bed and just everything came to a quick halt. All of a sudden nothing. Then when trying to use the aneros, the aneros felt small compared to how it normally felt in me.

    I wonder if by putting that dildo in me, it strethced my ass and somehow had a negative impact on the rewiring process.

    Anyways with all that said, This last week I've been determined to get back to where I was and have used the aneros for 4 straight days and have had some decent sessions but still nothing comparable to that 2 week time period. Right now actually my perinium is buzzing like crazy And during the course of writing this post I've been going through some very mellow waves of mini O's.
    I've got a couple of other things to add but I believe they both deserve their own thread.
  • I'm no expert but it sounds like maybe you're trying too hard to "get there." After all you're still able to get mini-o's.

    Another possibility is that maybe it's too much for your body to handle. I started out with great sensations for the first week or so, then they just went away. You might need to work your way up slowly; building on what you've felt until you reach the point where you were at and maybe even beyond. :)

    It's also cool your girlfriend accepts and approves of Aneros use.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,311
    i think it will all come back. just be patient. (doing the aneros 4 days in a row sounds like desperation not patience to me, as justn_otherguy points out.)

    you should definitely check out the feeldoe. it is a double dildo so your gf can give it to you while she gets it herself. very smart design (get the smallest one). (please report the results to us. you are lucky to have a woman who is so in to it, and you have to spread the wealth).

    suggestion: since your gf wants you to have a dildo, you could accommodate this by practicing on your own to get your butt used to it. just take it easy.

    i must confess that unlike many here, i have not experimented with anything bigger than the progasm, so i can't really give first hand advice. but since there are many guys here who use the aneros and bigger stuff, i don't think you'll have a problem with it changing your anatomy in a negative way with respect to the aneros.

  • you are like me..on of the lucky ones...
  • to have a wife or gf that will indulgethis type of play is you get accustomed to the new toys...i can say from experience it just gets better..