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My Second Attempt

  • Hi all i am now going to give this another try to see if i can get the same if not better than the first time i used this.... Give me a few hours and i will get back to you


  • Ok its been about 2 hours now and i have been riding the waves of pleasure nice and gently and for the first time ever i have got an erection while i have something in my behind. I must say this is a very pleasent thing to be hard while having the aneros in me...

    Just taking a 10min break to wipe the sweat off and will get back into it..
  • (Before Trying Things In This Post, Please Goto The TOILET or have an ENEMA and use LOTS Of LUBE You will ENJOY this a lot more if you do)

    Ok sorry to all about how long this reply has taken.

    I seem to have gotten a little lost in the moment....

    Well what can i say, The last time i used this i really hit the roof. I think i had about 5 orgasms in that session with the final one being one big mighty bang and there was cum everywhere.

    Ok I think i have figured out a few things here so have a listen and see if any of my susgestions help.

    1. - ok this is not a 5 minute toy, This is something that you will have to spend a bit of time learning to use. My sessions seem to last me anywhere between 2 & 8 Hours.( I used to use a dildo which i must say was quite a bit bigger than this but it seemed to have the same affect although sometimes could end up in a bit of a mess )

    2. - Relax................ I can not say this enough. This is the key to really enjoying this product. Anyone who is not having any sort of anal play during sex or is new to anal play or anal sex might have a little bit of a problem relaxing enough to enjoy this toy. (Try this toy by yourself first so you can get comfortable before using this with your partner) If you find you can not relax enough by yourself my suggestion would be to Have a shower, Have a few beers, Maybe a glass of wine, Some muscle relaxents or maybe even a joint (You can do one or as many of these as you like. Remember each to his own )

    3. - Breathing and Contractions. Once you have relaxed enough and have inserted the massager, Start breathing in and out, in a long slow rhythm and once you have have the breathing deep enough start doing small contractions with your anus at the same time with your breathing, So when you inhale you contract you anus as well & when you exhale you release the anal contraction. Keep doing this with your breathing over and over and at say 5 minute intervals make your breathing deeper and your contractions harder. If you follow this you will be heading in the right direction but please try not to rush it, Otherwise you will be let down.

    4. - Postition. I have found several postions which are quite similar to the ones posted here but maybe even go a little further than those and are no harder to achieve.

    Position 1 is the same as the guide here. Lay on your side relax and start the breathing and contractions and once you get your heart rate up start making your body act like a snake. Don't snake across the room just lay there and start with your toes then your legs then your hips then chest and finally neck and head untill your back where you started from. Repeat this step over & over and if you have got it right you will start to feel the waves, Which if you keep going will lead to contractions and convulsions, Sweatyness and all over pleasure and happiness.

    Position 2 Is started by standing up All i did in this one was bend over and touch the ground so i was on all fours, Then when standing back up i over streched so that my hands would go back over my head. Just repeat this over and over. I know you may feel stupid at first but you will soon see why. This was what gave me my first erection while i was using the Aneros.

    Position 3 Lay flat on your back with the Aneros in place, The slowly start bringing one or both of your legs back towards your chest and then let them back out again. Repeat this over and over.

    Using one or all of these techniques in a repeatitive fashion will bring you to the desired level of satisfaction.

    Finally, Before I finish up here, Lots of LUBE, Combined with the Breathing and Contractions & If you can visualize the positions i have described above you will see a pattern And when you have the Aneros sitting on the table in front of you, Make sure you look at the shape of it when its inserted the correct way inside you. What this device is doing is rubbing against your g-spot. The body movements described above help expose your g-spot better and will make the Aneros rub back and forth across it. I find if i have the Aneros just sitting there I dont have any pleasure but if i make it slowly rub back and forth across it I get filled with pleasure which is so amazing I get a HUGE ERRECTION & I have these small orgasms and once i have have about 5 of these it starts to build into one big one where my body sweets like crazy (I keep a towel next to me to wipe myself down) then my breathing rate increases then the convulsions start and my body starts shaking from head to toe untill i start to scream (Or as I do, Put a towel in my mouth to cover the screaming) with pleasure. My vision goes all wavey & my muscles spasm, This goes on for like anywhere uptoTEN MINUTES. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before.

    Anyway folks time for me to go But please leave me a reply here or e-mail me @ and let me know if this worked for you? I'm sure there will be quite a few people this will work for and i'll be darned if it doesn't.

    Later .J.
  • If you need any extra advice from my post above please e-mail me
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Dear FirstTimer:

    Please do us and everyone else a favor. Please post your description / techniques to "My First Super Orgasm" thread, and perhaps create a Bee-Line thread.

    This will have the benefit of permanently locating your very informative and helpful post so that is does not get pushed down the list, making it more difficult to find.

    Best wishes,

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    Wow I'm definitely gonna try your techniques. I did some dry runs (hehe) and I can see where it will rub my prostate just right. Heck, it is pleasurable even w/o the Aneros in on account of the muscle contractions pressing just right on the prostate.

    One thing: I was able to do the "snake" movement fine when standing up, but for the life of me I'm not able to do it laying on my side... Any ideas?

    A demo video would REALLY help here... Pulleeeze?