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Time To Upgrade - Eupho or Maximus? ?
  • daddeodaddeo
    Posts: 41
    It's time for an upgrade.
    My first purchase was the SGX, not powerful enough for me.
    My next purchase was the MGX, not powerful enough, either.
    My third purchase was the Progasm -- ouch! Painful every time I insert it.
    So, what would you advise between the Eupho or the Maximus?
    Sometimes I bring myself to orgasm while in the shower by sticking my finger up my ass.
    This vulgar insult of high school days brings about an amazing orgasm, though.
    I have been surprised that the Aneros has not stimulated that area much.
    Is the design of either of these two models effective in the first inch or so of the opening?
    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to give their input on this.

    Happy Nude Year! ! ! !
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Any reason why you are not considering the Helix?

    The Eurpho is the skinniest one made, and if the MGX is not "powerful" (do you mean "aggressive") enough for you, this one will not make you happy either. It is strictly for those that have developed the muscle tone and control to put it where you want it. I assume that is not where you are at if the SGX and MGX are not working for you, which is surprising since the MGX (and the Helix) is a consistent favorite.

    The Maxius is one size down from the Progasm was an "ouch" for you. It may be "powerful", but then it may be an "ouch" also.

    I really do recommend the Helix. A little larger than the MGX and a little different configuation.

    What I would also recommend is to evaluate if you are expecting too much from the unit without developing other critical aspects.

    I am mainly thinking of your muscle control and development. None of these units will do much for you if you can not manipulate it in a manner that creates pleasurible sensations. Believe me, it makes a HUGE difference!

    Do a search for "muscle" and there are plenty of info to consider.

    I have all models except the SGX, as well as all the Nexus models. Each has a different character due to their individual shape but before I could create movement, as well as carefully control it (slow movements and conbinning muscle groups at the same time), they were all merely an expensive "plug"...

    I hope that gives you some helpful information...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi daddeo!

    I vote for the Eupho!

    This one just happens to be my favorite, since it has given me more Super-Os than any other!

    Just my personal preference . . .

    Good Luck!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Eupho all the way. Mobility is far superior to any model. It's p-tab is the only model that reaches my p-spot.

  • I'm another believer in the Helix.

    I've also experienced the painful insertion you speak of regarding the Progasm, but it doesn't happen every time. It's important to go slow and be as relaxed as possible. I've noticed the more aroused I am, the less of a problem it is. Everybody's different of course, and if it's always painful for you then you should definitely consider a smaller model.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    I have a similar problem. I've had the Helix for several months, got some real good feelings, then one evening it shot out and I've had trouble getting those feelings back. It never seemed to have very strong prostate contact, and that was only by grinding around in a chair. The P-tab does nothing but make a sore spot; not sure where the sweet spot is, no matter how much searching is done. I removed the pigtail handle because it interfered with the Helix's movement between the cheeks, which did help some, but there is still very weak to no prostate contact.

    Would the Maximus or Progasm work best? I could stand to lose several pounds, which I was hoping this would assist in achieving. I do not consider the Eupho because it is not as aggressive as the Helix.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    I don't think it's just about 'aggression' of the unit though.

    The Eupho is so mobile and allows you to move it into just the right place at just the right time in my experience. Of course, you need to develop your muscle skills to allow you to do this, but I don't think the size/aggression of the unit should be the only choice.