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Newbie hopes I have not spent foolishly.
  • Received my Helix yesterday, tried it last night for two hours. I've read comments here that sometimes it is a slow process to reap the benefits. The only thing I can honestly say about my first experience is at times I could feel a pulsing sensation which just happens to match my heartbeat. Looking for someone to tell me thats a positive first step. Convince me I am not too old at 60 to begin new tricks with "butt" toys and that impotence due to medication is not a factor in prostate massage?

    60 but not dead.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320
    way to early to make any judgments.

    keep trying and be patient.

    when you say impotence, do you mean no erection or do you mean no pleasure/orgasm? the latter could possibly be a problem, because it may be a brain issue. but, again, way too early. most men have the same experience as you for the first bunch of times using it.

  • Thanks Darwin for your comments.

    By impotence if meant difficulty getting an erection.
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Age really isn't an issue, we had one guy here who was Super-Oing at 85. As for the impotence, I honestly cannot comment on this as I really have no knowledge to share on the topic. Your first experience turned out better than mine, I didn't even get the pulsing sensation, but rather just a feeling of fullness. I would just keep at it and see how things develope over time, like you said, it can be a slow process for many.