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Complete Newbie Here: Ready to try Helix. Advice please?
  • Hi All. I am a complete newbie to this area. The most I've tried is my fingers - years ago, tried a dildo but it was large and I couldn't do it and abandoned the idea.

    I will soon have the Helix and the lube. I guess I'll have to purchase the disposable Fleet enema locally to be ready to go, so to speak.

    After doing a good amount of reading here, I'm somewhat concerned about the substantial numbers of people who are not able to have an orgasm. Looking at the forum's polls as well as various postings, there are easily 50% or more people who are unable to experience the so called Super O. While that is a bit disappointing, I suppose that Super O or no Super O, there is some elevated level of pleasure from practicing with Helix, am I correct to assume this?

    For some, this has taken many months!!!

    I understand that the way to start is to lay in the fetal position, either side, and insert it after applying ample lube. I assume that for me the order of things to do for the first few times would be:

    - bowel movement, if possible
    - Fleet enema
    - lay in fetal position in bed, relax, apply ample IC lube, insert Helix
    - breath as per directions (long, slow, relaxing deep breaths)
    - just wait...maybe after 45 mins to an hour or so, remove if nothing much is happening

    Then, maybe repeat after 2-3 days?

    While waiting for the Helix to arrive, I thought that it would be good to understand exactly what to do to increase my chances of "success".

    The whole things sounds reasonable to me...that is, the twitching causes the Helix to rub against the prostate, which in turn causes more twitching. Like a perpetual machine type of thing.

    Any suggestions, corrections, ideas for a complete newbie? Thx!
  • Total, don't get too caught up in getting all the steps just right. I kind of learned as I went and ended up with a routine that works for me. I just purchased a vaginal douche kit and dumped the douche and just use warm tap water for my "clean-out". Works fine. I also was unable to locate an anal syringe locally, but found that a baby feeder works fine. I remove the squeeze bulb, fill it with the lube (Ihave been using K-Y) and then shoot it up there. I will probably break down & order the syringe from Aneros.

    As far as technique, you will probably find your own. I experimented with various positions, finding the ones that worked best for me. And you will find that shifting your body in different ways elicits different feelings and over time you will learn to "dance" with the Aneros. It really is a unique, participatory experience.

    The forum is really helpful and I have found the people here both helpful and encouraging. Welcome to the Aneros world!
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    TotalNewbie, welcome to the club! I've had a helix for about 3 months and love it. I've got a couple suggestions for you. Don't use a Fleets kit because it is designed to clean a lot of the colon, and it has chemicals in it which will give you cramps and a lot of bowel movements. In the laxative section of most pharmacies or even big grocery stores there are rectal syringes. Simply fill the rubber bulb with body temperature tap water and use as directed. I use it twice and get very clean without any cramps. Sometimes if I know I'm empty, I don't douche at all.

    My other suggestion is that you forget about the Big O. You are starting an incredible journey, and with the right frame of mind, every session can be very pleasurable. Unlike the strongly physically-driven penile masturbation, this is a subtle, somewhat passive, almost meditative process. Relaxation and inner-awareness are essential. My best sessions are when I put it in and then just lie there and let things happen on their own. If you try to have a Big O, it won't happen. Just focus on how good things are in the present. In this frame of mind, one day the Big O will sneak up on you.

    If you practice regularly, you will never be the same. Once you are "re-wired", you will be able to bring about these pleasures anytime you want, even without the Helix. And beware - it's addictive!

  • Thx for the thoughtful replies. I can see that the details offered are very important.

    Starting off with the enema part, I'm glad that "Marmot" as well as "Jimp" mentioned that Fleet is overly "strong" and that warm water is superior for this purpose. I think this is very important! I only thought of Fleet because it sounds easy, clean, and doesn't involve washing because it is disposable. Is there one model or brand or type that you all recommend? I've searched online (before i go to a store the next couple of days to buy this) so i can be more informed but there are so many types out there! Also, cleaning it looks difficult - the bulbs and bags look like it'd be tough to get clean water inside afterwards for cleaning it. Is that true? is there a model/type that is better yet easy to clean as well? I'm hoping that the local drug store would have one or two styles, though the ones around here are unlikely going to have the range of styles/models that are available online.

    Glad to hear the the big O is not something to strive towards. it sounds like only 50%, if not less, really are able to do the big O.

    Mayberry's suggestions are great (from the links provided by him). Great summaries! I think the idea that everything should be set in bed, towels and all, ready to go, is key. Otherwise, all this looking and fumbling and all would reduce the mood!

    Lube: I got the ID. i did not, however, get the applicator that looks sort of like a syringe with a round applicator. Is it fine to just put some one a finger and push some lube inside? I didn't think the syringe/applicator is necessary (yet another item to clean afterwards).
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    The rectal bulb is just a simple rubber bulb with a small plastic tube that attaches to one end of the bulb for insertion into the rectum. A regular enema bag is larger than what you need, although if you just use about a cup and a half of water in it, it will work too. Remember that you only want to clean out your rectum, not your colon. Some pharmacies have their own generic bulbs. It should cost under $10. The plastic tube detaches, and it is easy to clean the inside of the bulb. When I'm finished with my Aneros session, I make a soapy solution in the basin with hot water and wash everything. Just suck water in and out of the bulb. Then rinse in hot water and dry. I leave the bulb out where water inside can evaporate and not get moldy. I also rinse it out before using it the next time. I'd hate to squirt a spider up there. To insert the tube, sit on the toilet, put some lube on your finger, and rub it on the tube. Then put your finger with lube gently into your anal canal to get it to relax and "pave" the way for the tube. Once the tube is in, gently squeeze the water into your rectum and then pull out the tube. You don't have to hold the water in, so you can let it out right away.

    At the pharmacy, you can also get a syringe and tube for inserting lube. Look in the infant section. You will find a 5 CC syringe (the amount of lube you want to insert) and a very small tube on the end which easily inserts into the rectum. It should cost about $3. You can also get them at pet stores, but the ones at the pharmacy or supermarket are simpler and less expensive.

    For the Aneros itself, I personally prefer to coat it generously with a thick water soluble gel such as KY. As you read these postings you will see many opinions about the best lube. I think most agree that it should be water soluble.

    All that lube has a tendency to ooze out after you are done, so I usually do a final douche as part of the cleanup.

    This sounds a bit complex, but once you've done it a time or two, it's pretty fast and easy.

    Good luck on your new adventure.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    on the enema: i rarely clean out first, and 80% of the time the aneros comes out perfectly clean, and the other 20% very slightly smudged.

    when i do, i just re-use a fleets bottle, with warm water. it has been in service for a year or more. i took out the plastic diaphragm in the top to make it flow easier.

    the reason i don't clean out is that i have found that it is sometimes irritating, causing a gassy crampy feeling. the less you put in there, the better in my view

    everybody is different, but, you might consider blowing it off unless you find that there is some material showing on the aneros when you take it out.

  • wow...good suggestions/tips all! the thing about the enema is interesting: the bulb will do the job. the spider up there comment was so funny ;) then, the comment about how frequently, you don't clean out first is good advice, in my guestimate, humble opinion. sort of like the rule: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    i can just see how anything up there, warm water or saline or otherwise, is a foreign substance. it can only take away the body's natural balance, and, as a consequence, will take time to "rebuild" and get it back to where it was naturally. so if one doesn't need to, then don't wash out. sounds like good advice.

    what if one wants to do it in the morning, say you wake up at 7am, and don't have to get up till 9am? during that time, for many, it is typically a time of being relatively "full" down there. is it an issue to put the device up there?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I concur with Darwin on this. There is definitely no need to do the fleet enema or a full enema before using the Aneros. As Darwin said most of the time you won’t need to even flush or rinse the rectum out. Probably the only time you may have a need is soon after a regular bowel movement as there will likely be some fecal material there then.
    Timing of your sessions should be considered with respect to your bowel movements. If you are pretty regular you know about when you need to evacuate your bowels, scheduling an anerosession for around that time is probably not a good idea, because insertion of your massager could trigger peristalsis and start to make the entire session uncomfortable at best and messy at worse. I think the best time is probably about a half to a full hour after a good bowel movement, that gives your colon and rectum a good chance to settle down to a relaxed state where you won’t have any urges to be concerned about plus you will probably have voided the contents of your bladder as well, so there won’t be any pressure from that area either. Remember, you will want to be relaxed as much as possible to enjoy the fun activity you are about to indulge in and not be concerned with other bodily functions getting in the way.
    Have fun with your new toy.
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    rumel said:

    you will probably have voided the contents of your bladder as well, so there won’t be any pressure from that area either. Remember, you will want to be relaxed as much as possible to enjoy the fun activity you are about to indulge in and not be concerned with other bodily functions getting in the way.

    I can't stress this enough, I've had a few very good sessions ended because nature was screaming at me. In fact, I now try not to drink anything a few hours beforehand just to be safe, but that's me.