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How long to go without an ejaculation?
  • I've been using my MGX about 3 or 4 times a week with mixed results. I think I may have had a super-O last night but not sure. Usually I finish off each session by masturbating to ejaculation but this week I decided to hold off and see if I would be more aroused if I waited awhile. I've had three sessions this week and was able to hold off on the ejaculation. Right now it's been 4 days, it seems to be easier to get aroused. I wonder how long I can go. Maybe this will help with the super-O. Or maybe a hands free ejaculation, that would be cool too.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I actually did a little experimenting on the subject myself a few weeks back. I concluded that holding off from ejaculation does in fact make it easier to get aroused and it seemed to allow prostate pleasure to become more frequent because of this. From my experience (I'm 27 so results my differ with age) waiting three days is when things get a bit more pleasurable, so I usually try to go 3-5 days (though I do cheat sometimes). However, when I went 7+ days, the need for relief becomes too much and I would stop focusing on pleasure and would look toward the finish line, the desire for instant gradification takes over and pretty much kills a session for me, this might change later on when MMOs become easier to get, but it is extremely frustrating when you can't reach them easily. Some people say that they can get MMOs right after ejaculating, so I don't think it is really a necessity, just gives a little bit of an edge for those who are early in their journey.

    I think the only important thing is when you are starting your journey, don't ejaculate during or shortly after a session. You want to disassociate ejaculation and MMOs as much as you can, so your body will be able to rewire itself easier. I noticed that when I was doing the opposite, I'd get anxious during my sessions and lose focus easier, thinking about how soon I'd be able to relieve myself.

    Hope that helps :)
  • Basically i never try to ejaculate, sometimes get over stimulated, forget whats going on and its all over. But i never have the intent to ejaculate, if you use the aneros long enough in a session, it does milk amounts out of you no matter what... I've found alot of benefits from holding back ejaculation, just overall increased energy levels, not to mention the horniness, which can be redirected btw, its just an energy and with increased awareness you can direct it from being just a horn dog into creativity, sprituality or just general well being feelings...