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Orgasm as instant pain relief
  • Alright, I had another session last night with new discoveries. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I suffer from migraine headaches ever now and then. It's not that often, maybe once every few months. Sometimes it's a slight pain, sometimes it's almost unbearable. I've learned to live with it, as I know it'll be completely gone the next day. Well, last night I had a mild headache, and I really wasn't in the mood because of that, but I decided to go for the progasm anyway.

    What happened was amazing. I literally felt the pain in my head fade, then I would feel an orgasm building, then pure pleasure, then I would feel the pain come back only very slightly, then fade again, then pleasure etc (this cycle continued for a while). I have never in my life had a clearer first hand demonstration of what pleasure endorphines do to pain. As much as I disliked the pain and believe my experience would have been better without it, I think it gave me a new gauge to measure what was happening that I otherwise wouldn't have had. I would always feel it fade before feeling any pleasure. I don't think I would have thought anything out of the ordinary was happening if I hadn't felt that pain disappearing.

    When I finally ended my session, the headache returned with a vengeance. It was really painful. I lay there for about 20 minutes wanting to go to sleep, but instead just being in agony. I thought I would try something. I have posted before about being able to get to the point of orgasm from allowing twitches to happen. So, I started trying to encourage my foot to twitch, not to orgasm but only to try to relieve the pain. Unbelievably it worked! As my foot moved, my really intense headache faded! It was immediate and effective pain relief as long as I let the twitches happen. Some point later my memory fades, so I must have been finally able to drift off to sleep.

    This is an amazing discovery for me, because when I get these headaches nothing at all has ever made them go away. I have never encountered anything that is so effective at immediate instantaneous pain relief. I think this could be an amazingly powerful and useful tool if I ever find myself in any other kind of pain and need it to go away.

    Any other experiences like this?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    … and the doctor said “Nurse, give this man an Aneros and call me in the morning.”

    Binaryfellow, FYI many women have reported that pain and cramping from PMS have been dramatically eased after experiencing orgasms. I am not at all surprised the male body can experience similar pain relief from orgasm, but now that you mention it, the next time I feel a headache approaching perhaps I'll stick in my Aneros instead of taking some aspirin. :lol:
  • There was a research article several years ago that claimed sex pushes blood around the body and does many positive things for your health. They detailed specific headache relief from sex and the article covering it in the paper had a headline similar to "'I have a headache' won't work anymore."