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body balls + lube = wet sex
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    - two body balls
    - two body balls (yours)
    - two dollops Maximus Lube

    you can turn your body ball or balls into hot wet sex machines with some high quality water-based lube.

    besides being a testament to the body balls this post is a testament to Maximus lube (do a forum search). It is amazing for a water-based lube to stay wet and slippery for a half hour out in open air.

    and wet and slippery it was.

    on my back with the ball between my open legs, i applied a couple of squirt-top dollops to the ball where it was against me. my pelvis and leg motions sliding and squeezing the ball against my perineum caused the small interface between it and me to feel like a tongue stroking.

    basically you can get a whole face eat out by the ball. it slides around you just like wet flesh.

    but even better. i sat on top of a ball, after applying another squirt between us. i felt the cold glop and stroked it into the ball with my butt. given the slippery interface, you can really do anything against the ball. where you sit forms a dimple in the ball, which is like a crater of wet sex. you can writhe around in it, etc.

    but the best was, of course,... two balls.

    on top of the first in my wet crater, i brought the other ball between my legs in front of me. they were touching like two pool balls. i leaned on the one in front of me, and the crater kind of rotated down so that it was like a tractor seat. and just below the seat was where the first ball met it. i could do two incredible things from this position:

    • fuck myself. you know how tractor seats have a rise in the middle? well the ball did the same thing. and that rise was just where the front ball kissed it, giving it structural support. the result was that sliding on the back ball i could drive that hump back and forth in my crotch, from anus, through perineum and to balls. and every stroke forward ended with me slammed up against the front ball. i was kind of fucking forward and getting fucked from under.

      teabag myself. i've never really been tea bagged (anyway, don't remember that i was). that is when you sit over somebody's face and your balls are sucked on from inside the mouth. well, i found that since my balls were all slick, they would slide up and down through the touching faces of the balls, which felt a lot like going in and out of a luscious mouth.

    i deployed the balls on my bed, with a protective sex blanket to ensure against any mess. when i applied the lube, i applied it directly with the squirt bottle as opposed to applying with my fingers. it is best to put it on the ball because then your ass or crotch feels the glop and can spread it around the ball exactly where it needs to go.

    cleanup is easy if your shower is big enough for a ball.

    (aka, the man of two balls)
  • daddeodaddeo
    Posts: 41
    It sounds like you could and should have your own Aneros Video DVD series
    with unlimited ideas for an evening of fun.