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Transitional experience?
  • After four weeks of very pleasant experimentation today's session seemingly reached a new level. Recently the "involuntaries" begin after only two minutes or so. Often they build to a very enjoyable state at which three things are happening simultaneously: a sensation of a deep movement across the prostate, anal spasms, and rectal spasms. This state is episodic, not constant. Today's experience was one in which these three sensations were many times stronger than ever before. I was able to prolong the episode by timing a short series of contractions. It was wonderful (and quite noisy).
    Now I don't think that this is the "super O" because it seems to echo "typical" sensuality rather than a new sort of mystical whatever. At the same time, it was certainly a very high level of pleasure and definitely something I'll be looking for once again.
    I consider myself "well satisfied" with the Helix.
  • Further reading on this forum (thanks to all and of course to B Mayfield) has given me a clearer understanding of a process that apparently has some common elements ... I intend to proceed with more emphasis on relaxation and breathing exercises ... I'll let you know how it goes.