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Having Trouble..
  • I've tried the aneros twice now, still with no luck :/

    I spent hours each time. The second time, which was tonight, I kept trying to clench up about half way, so my muscles would start spasming in my ass. i noticed my dick shutter as well. the longer i held it, the more the muscles spasmed. is that what you are supposed to do to achieve a prostate milking with this toy?
  • [EDIT: Let me add in here, that yes, spasms are correct. You want to follow and increase those, but you don't want to force it. Now on with the rest of what I had to say.]

    No, it's not about clenching, and being highly goal oriented (such as your prostate milking). It is more about relaxing, getting used to the device, and taking the time to "play" with the device and letting it "play" with you. It is recommended to occasionally tighten the PC muscles kind of like a kegle and hold for anywhere from say 15 to 50 seconds, and then release and go for a spell afterwards feeling, sensing, and enjoying the sensations you get which has been primed by the tightening of those muscles. A "clench" is probably too hard of a word IMO, though I suppose the notion of a moderate "clench" isn't too far off. You should spend most of the time not clenching. I'd say it is mild moderate clench for up to 20% of time - (just a guess).

    What happens is you will notice that everytime you tighten and then release and follow those sensations, and spasms, etc until they seem to be winding down, and then you can tighten again, but always stay relaxed. As you do this each cycle becomes more intense, and the level of arousal and stimulation increases. This can go on for hours, but typically for me within 20 minutes to an hour I've achieved a super O. Along the way, you will have spasms in different parts of your body. These will usually increase in frequency, location, and intensity. The natural by product of this over all arousal state being continually heightened is that eventually you will reach what I'd call "critical mass" in the reaction and your body will take over. You won't really be doing anything actively because spasms, and contractions will be ongoing on their own all over your body. Usually during those times, your orgasms in your groin will milk your prostate during the contractions, and the feel is somewhat similar to the sensation of ejaculating sperm but not quite, and it goes on much longer. I will say however that for myself at least, long before those types of active prostate contractions take place which "millk" the prostate that the prostate fluids (and from other glands) will leak from your penis. So, in other words almost from the get go you will probably derive some therapeutic benefit from the Aneros as far as your prostate is concerned. However you will get much more and it will tend to empty if you make it all the way to orgasming of prostate, anus, etc.

    Give yourself the time, relax, and make sure you just let it work up to the high levels. You really can't be goal driven like you can with your penis during normal orgasm / ejaculation. It takes a bit of time to get used to the different technique, but once you do, and you start feeling how it feels you will be shocked at just how good it can be. Actually, I'd say it isn't just shock, it is somewhat disbelief, and amazement too.

    Keep us posted on how it goes. We'd love to hear of your sucess.