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Noobs first time...
  • joey01joey01
    Posts: 2
    Hey, after reading about the Helix, I bought one a few hours ago. I am not gay at all, never will ;-) but I kinda like the idea of backdoor (for me and my gf). But...

    I cleaned, I try to clean inside too, use KY and tried it for the first time. I lay there for a few minute, feeling the.. feeling. Was nice but I did not felt it touch my prostate at all. With another "home made toy" I have, I can easily stimulate it and I feel the pressure but when I tried with the Helix, I did not feel anything exept having something in my A.

    I told myself maybe my ass was not empty so I clean it up another time with water and effectively, some stuff remains. After that, I cleaned again myself, I retry. No success on feeling my prostate using the Helix. The head is upward facing my bellie of course.

    So. any advice?
  • joey01joey01
    Posts: 2
    Maybe I was not enough excited ? Is the prostate bigger when we are excited?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    It could just be that you need some more sessions before it starts to work for you. My first few sessions were pretty much duds, but after a week or two I started to notice that each session got better and better, and afterward I still felt very nice sensations that can last for days.
  • Yep, you definitely have to give it more time. Your sessions should be at least an hour I'd say, and maybe longer as you explore. This is definitely a different sensation and at first and possibly for quite a few sessions you won't notice much. I think your brain really has to build some new synaptic links and you have to get used to the sensations and explore their meaning. This is very subtle at first, but when it gets strong and you figure it out, believe me you will be shaking hard, quivering, enjoying the blissful feel of the orgasm pouring into your brain as your body is taken over. When it happens you won't be able to believe it. Trust me, the possibility is there. My first sessions were duds too - now I have 'Screaming O's'.

    Another thing I noticed about Super O's that I wanted to mention to others. It seems that you quiver and shake and respond to the pleasurable sensations for awhile, but eventually your body somehow reaches 'critical mass'. When that is reached you no longer have to make any conscious effort for anything to happen or for it to feel good. Your body and your orgasm take over and it is kind of like you are on the side line watching it all happen but you can feel it happening too. You just ride it until it ends, and that sometimes can be many, many minutes later and likely then another wave will come and take you on another similar or possibly more intense cycle.
  • azianxazianx
    Posts: 1
    After reading all the posts I am very excited on receiving my own. I will let everyone know how it turns out