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Aneros For Exercise
  • I often have very long sessions possibly up to 4 or maybe even an occasional 8 hours. (Yep, you have to find the wonderful spare time.) Anyway, the whole time I am using my muscles in various positions, and flexing them, or they are twitching. Afterward I am often weak and worn out, as well as extremely hungry. Does anyone have any idea how much exercise use of the Aneros constitutes? One session I wore my aerobic watch and my pulse usually didn't get beyond 110. Often it would also drop pretty low like 60's momentarily. I think during a Super O it might get higher depending on how intense it was. I often try different positions as it seems to help in the sensuality of it, and often somewhat awkward positions are the most enjoyable, but often take the most strength and muscle tone to perform.

    Usually after doing one of these exhausting sesssions I'm too tired to do much other exercise, but the other day I did take a 40 minute walk a few hours after.

    Anyway, what are the thoughts here on the fat burning and healthful contributions to fitness due to the Aneros?
  • No one has an idea here eh? Guess I was wondering if this could be part of a fitness regimine. Seems to me it is burning calories. I have no idea how much. I think when it is really intense it may be lightly aerobic too.
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I'm wondering the same thing myself. During an Aneros session my heart races, my muscles tense and relax repeatily, and by the time I'm done I'm usually worn out and hungry. I'm wondering if using the Aneros could constitute as a cardio workout. What really makes me wonder though, is that I've been losing a good amount of weight over the last few months, which makes me wonder if it is contibuting. I've been using a treadmill at a fast walking pace for about 30 minutes every three days, which is definitely contibuting, but I also eat fast food a lot, so it should be balancing out. I've also been working on my upper body, which should actually be adding weight, but yet I'm still losing it. I've basically dropped about 35 pounds in the last 3-4 months, so I wonder if Aneros sessions actually constitute as workouts.
  • Yep,

    i try a variety of differnt positions. Mix in alot of yoga. Recently have been doing this:

    or attempting to do that in a very rudimentary way, with aneros of course :)... put my back legs up on chair and the arms as in that position... wow, talk about a workout and a sensation...

    aneros cant be any different than any other activity

    since receiving and learning the aneros my general health has definitely increased if for no other reason than to enjoy longer more intense sessions. i generally wont bother with any session unless i'm fully rested, i never want to 'finish off', not my intention, always want to conserve the ejaculate, keeps me on the edge with lots of energy all the time :)

    see ya