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Blinding Orgasms
  • I've noticed that sometimes after a long session of Super O's that my vision may be very blurred for a number of hours afterward. This has happened many times now, and it always comes back to normal. Do any of the rest of you ever experience this?

    I did a search on Google and found mention that some women have reported these after intense orgasms but they are somewhat rare.

    I would be concerned, but it just seems to be part of the overall effect. The orgasms with the Aneros in my experience can be mind blowing and physically overwhelming experiences.
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    I dont want to scare you but in all commercials about viagra-like products theres a mention about that, "if you experience loss of blurry vision contact your doctor immediately"

    I dont know what age are you, but that indicates blood pressure problem, either a drop or too high ( that actually isnt too safe ) I dont know im not a doctor. I'd ask a doctor if i were you...
  • Hmmm....good point. It is possible I have occasional high blood pressure as I take a med for it, but thought it was under control. I haven't checked during these sessions, but I suppose I wouldn't be surprised because they are often so intense.