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Is this it???
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20

    I believe I've experienced the magnificent superO last night, even for a mere 10-30 seconds (time really become unmeasurable).

    I was having a very good session, lots of pleasure waves, nice normal Os, when suddenly this warm feeling rush (yes, rush) from my groin and travel up to my head. I felt like my whole body was covered in warm honey. And if I was in a cartoon, my body would be beaming and glowing.

    Is this it?

    After coming down from the height, my ass was sore and I couldn't repeat the sensation because of it. So I finish the session earlier than I planned (it was only about 45 minutes into it).

    I'm going to wait for 48hrs before I try again.

  • Hi ndro,

    It doesn't sound like this was a Super O but having written that, everyone's experience is a little different. From your description, it may be that you actually crossed over into Super O territory with a nice hormonal release and the next one would have been the main event.

    Sometimes I crossover so gently I don't know it until the next arousal wave comes along and I have a Super O. For me, the Super O is much like a normal orgasm, it builds to a peak, my testicles retract, my heart rate is way up there, my breathing is rapid, and my abdominal muscles contract. On the release I tend to push the Aneros device out slightly and the abdominal muscles relax. I also normally get a hot sensation around my anal sphincter as that muscle relaxes. It is normally at this point that I get the hormonal release and the warm pleasure wave that is so delightful.

    Your plan is a good one, try again in 48 and see what happens, this might have been a mini O.

  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20

    You mean there's something even better than this???
    Sweet! Can't wait to have another go. Too tired today, maybe tomorrow night.

    Thanks insearchof!