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Every day
  • khankhan
    Posts: 4
    I received my Helix two weeks ago and have been using it every day sometimes twice a day and does anyone think that it is too much? I experience pleasure but no orgasms yet.
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I'm just a beginner as well, but that sounds excessive to me.
  • AnalpalAnalpal
    Posts: 6
    I am new as well I have had my Helix about 2 weeks, but I try to go every other day just to rest the area and let it "rewire" itself. I do go for about 3-4 hours per session though. I left it in one night and didn't really feel anything different, it felt good, no discomfort but nothing new either. I have had one completely anal orgasm though I during one session I was edging and started jiggling the handle to twist it a small amount. The wave of pleasure just came out of nowhere. I stopped stimulation of my penis and just kept wiggleing the helix and the feeling just never stopped til I finally ejaculated. I think I am on the right track, it will just take time.
  • khankhan
    Posts: 4
    I think that I may be using it too much and will try to do every other day. It does feel very good but I would like to have an orgasm with it.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Try using it every other day and on the off day don't masterbate at all so you have arousal for the next aneros session. I know, easier said than done sometimes.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Khan!

    Your "re-wiring" will take place at its own pace and doing more or longer sessions will not expedite this process. I would limit yourself to one session a day and, as Analpal & Billy11 recommend, every other day is a good idea!

    Just my humble opinion . . . Enjoy the Journey!

    Later, Hlaser
  • khankhan
    Posts: 4
    I masturbated this morning and I was extra rock hard and when I came the amount was double the usual so there has been improvement in that area. I just couldn't wait to cum anymore. I didn't use the helix today and have decided to not use it for a few more days.
  • It's tough...the thing is so addicting. I'd probably use mine almost every day if I could. Sometimes I do use it one day after another for awhile. My sessions are from 1 8 hours a day. It's just incredible.

    Definitely take care of yourself though. Get a multivitamin, C & E, calcium, magnesium, zine and Ginko Biloba. Ginseng might be a good addition as well as it is suppose to support long endurance in any athletic endevor.
  • khankhan
    Posts: 4
    After waiting for 5 days I had a 3 hour session and I can see where not doing it every day has it's advantages as far as sensitivity. It was 3 hours of pure heightened pleasure and I finally masturbated to a powerful orgasm. I take a multivitamin and you are saying take that plus the other ones you mention? Do your muscles get sore from every day use?