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Peridise: Which to buy - advanced, beginner or all four?
  • I'm a great fan of my Helix and as per other posts am fortunate to achieve super-o's from day one.

    My next order will include the progasm and peridise but the two peridise sets overlap which makes me wonder which to buy or should I have all of them.

    I assume the overlap is because the reality of a mere 2mm reduction is very little so each set has a 4mm step by bypassing the adjacent size.

    I would be happy to jump straight in and buy the advanced set but I've also seen reports on here of guys who love the larger models without using the smaller ones.
  • Hi Geezer UK,
    Boy, that is a hard one to suggest to another, but IMHO, You may want to go with the beginners set as it has the two I think best represent the Peridise. The largest, and second to the smallest. That is a good combo!!
    I started with the beginner set and happy I did, as I like the larger one from time to time :D
  • I'm a big fan of the Peridise units. I started with the starter set and got best results with the smaller of the two (second smallest in the Peridise line). I have recently purchased the smallest unit from HIH and it has a similar feel and, thus far, similar results as to the second smallest unit. If cost is not a factor, I would recommend buying all four, but for me the starter package was and still is the best value. I rarely ever use the larger unit, but could not have known that without purchasing it. Now, I wonder what the third largest unit would feel like...?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Ok this is a old post but better to use it than start a new one!

    I have been using aneros for about a year now and although I am not a jedi master think I am able to whiled my  Helix, eupho, and progasm ice quite well.
    As per the question of the discussion, When not if I buy the peridise Do you think I would only need to buy the advanced set? I would love to hear from current peridise users.
    Money is a factor but if I need the whole set then there is no use buying the beginner and the the advanced set as it would cost more, I might as well save for the whole set.
    How easy is it to get the peridise motion going if I am a regular user of the eupho I guess is the point in question?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I just purchased the beginner set a few weeks ago.  I've used the smaller one three times now, got some pretty good feelings, no O's though.  It's kinda like a less session but sometimes a little more eventful.  You shouldnt have any problems with movement, it starts right away for me.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @braveneworld - I've owned the advanced Peridise set for a few years now. But please keep in mind that I've yet to achieve super-O's yet, so this may play into my experience on the performance of these devices.

    The Peridise has been my least used Aneros model by far over any of the other prostate massager's. Only because most of the time I get little to no pleasurable sensations. Where as I get quite delightful and pleasurable. although non-orgasmic sensations from my prostate massager's fairly consistently. My advice for you, based on instinct and my readings here from over the years is...  If you are capable of regularly achieving super-O's with your prostate massager's, go with the advanced Peridise set. As you are likely well re-wired and capable of making use of these devices. And a lot of men here in the forum have raved about the smallest one that comes in the advanced set.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Love_is thank you for your canda.You are the first to say that I have ever read that did not get anything out of peridise. Most likely coz the others that dont get anything out of it do not bother to post.
    I suffer from roids so i am going to get them for both reasons.
    I just need to wait until aneros has their next sale and then i will buy.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I was a sufferer from haemorrhoids and learned of the Peridise series through the HIH site (where they are called "Peristal".

    I bought the complete set (as advised by HIH) and followed their instructions for the use of them. I confess that I only used the two larger models for a month to about six months each (about three times a week), but I soon gained control over the 'rrhoids'.

    I have found though, that to maintain control over them, continued use of the tools is essential. For the next two years, I used the second smallest model almost exclusively (when having purely rrhoid control sessions), while having sessions with other Aneros models for prostate massage.

    From the beginning of this year, I have found that the smallest Peridise does the job of rrhoid control perfectly and I seem no longer to have a need of the larger ones, although I do occasionally revert to the second smallest one (or even the Tempo), if I want to spice up a rrhoid control session.

    Lately, I have found that the smallest Peridise has started giving me some wonderful AOs and I do believe I am close to experiencing a super-O with it!

    Have fun!