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Helix 180 Degree About Turn
  • I woke with a smile on my face this morning, apart from the maxed out erection and a feeling that I was swimming in bliss (and I didn't even have the Helix in), I was amused by the thought that I was in some parallel reality where I was an extra in a really cheesy Sc-Fi B-Movie - "Invasion of the Multiple Good Orgasm Devices".

    For five nights now just before going off to sleep I've had my union with the Helix, has been feeling good, but slightly uncomfortable after about half an hour. Last night my union was with the Helix turned around by 180 degrees ... mmm .. perfect! Seems a much more cozy fit and this time after half an hour I was off in total bliss land, vibrating with that gorgeous subtle energy going all over my body.

    I think I remember someone on a thread talking about tabs on the Progasm saying they sometimes tried the Progasm in backwards so to speak - has anyone else tried this with the Helix? For me it seems turned around the head of the Helix is in just the right position to gently tease the inner anal sphincter to wonderous effect.

    live in orgasm, spread the catalyst
  • Hey hapticbear!

    I used to, and still do, sometimes do a 180 with my Progasm!

    I did a Pre-market test on it and that was in my write-up, during my testing . . .

    I think I have tried most of the other Aneros models in my stable this way a couple
    of times, just to test them out . . . "you never know!"

    Glad it works for you!

    Allot of the things I and many others have discovered and posted here,
    are discoveries, made by accident or by experimenting! (screwing around! LOL!)

    Keep on strokin'!

    Later, Hlaser99