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how do you achieve orgasm without hands?
  • Hi the forum has been so useful and i understand things so much better now! Had it about 2 weeks, and starting to feel a lot of the sensations, but dont seem to be able to achieve orgasm ie. ejacultaion through the aneros alone. is there a trick to it _

    thanks for any help!

    Love to hear from you more experienced guys! :lol:
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi jusboy7,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    I haven’t yet been able to experience a “hands-free” ejaculation, though I have not actively pursued that either.
    There is a short mention of a technique in the Aneros instructions – see which may lead to a “hands-free”.
    There is also a Poll which asks this question – see , it appears less than 25% of men can consistently achieve this ability.
    There have been numerous thread topics in the past which have discussed this, you may wish to use the Search function to find some of these threads and read them. (Hint : use the key words “hands free ejaculation” as the search terms)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Know this, that a hands-free orgasm (an ejaculation without the use of penile stimulation) is quite different from a Super O. The Super O is a non-ejaculatory experience, the hands-free is an ejaculatory one. While there are some users who seem wired for this, and make this happen effortlessly, it sits out there almost like a holy grail for others. (For most people I would say). With all of my experience with the Super O, the hands-free has never been easily accessible to me. I've only recently developed some abilities in this area.

    In my case I found that it required an extremely high level of arousal, one that I helped create by some abstinence. We've often heard users speak of anal desire here in the forum, the idea that you actually feel the need to have something inside of you. I found that essential. Unfortunately I rarely experience that much any more unless I've put some time between my sessions...that's where the abstinence comes in.

    While some users have found edging helpful in this regard, I have not (more about that later). For me, it's like penile stimulation just short-circuits the process. My method of choice involves visualization combined with nipple stimulation to ramp up sensation. Most of the imagery that I use involves seeing myself building to an ejaculation; seeing my penis becoming erect, the head becoming engorged. At the same time I keep focus on that anal desire as well. You see, I use the eventual fulfillment of that anal desire (introducing anal/prostate stimulation when my arousal is at it's apex) as the catalyst that allows me to ejaculate....hands-free! In a sense I actualize the orgasm through my thoughts about having it, with the anal play providing the necessary stimulation to push it over the top.

    Other methods

    The edging approach involves using penile stimulation to bring you to the brink of ejaculation with a last minute introduction of a secondary source of stimulation that pushes one over the edge....allowing one to ejaculate without further manual intervention.

    Although it is not a hands-free in it's purest form, some users have utilized indirect methods of penile stimulation such as the scrotal stretch (see Wiki glossary) to do the trick.

    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
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    Prior to finding the aneros I had a couple of hands free ejaculation instances in strange places from simple mental stimulation. They were some of the most powerful and free ejaculations of my life. I recall they almost felt like I was urinating because it happened so freely and there was no real pulse just a constant release. Probably somewhat similar to wet dreams when a teenager. While those years are long gone it was an interesting experience and somewhat surprising each time. It would be nice to have those type on command!!
  • BoPBoP
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    Hey everyone.

    I must say that B Mayfield is on the point in his description at least when I compare my experience and observations.

    You need something to get you off the ground, something to get you aroused very fast to have hands free orgasm, you do not need aneros to do it but it helps you when you are trying to get there. I use little different technique and almost never use imagination maybe bcs I focus on my body more. Idea is to feel sexy about your body and yourself. This builds arausal I assume because you open to yourself and accept yourself sexually. This builds waves of good sensations that make you feel sexually good but it is not pleasure yet, these waves are impulsive the type you feel when you see that perfect lady that just makes your head go round. This is more of delight feeling and I use it
    to base my pleasure on it.

    Also hands free orgasm does not mean not active orgasm, you can have contractions in your body difference is you are not stimulating yourself physically. Building pleasure on waves of delight or arausal is easier than some think, most of the time listening to your body will let you pickup pleasurable contractions.

    It is important to understand that there are impulses in your body that you can use to lead yourself to orgasm and there are few tips that will let you have easier time listening to your body.

    To make it more clear, how do you determine what part of your body you should move when you orgasm? how do you make decisions about your face expression, sounds you are making, your body movements or hand movements?

    Well you are probably saying: I do not!

    You just follow the bliss, you do not think about your impulse, you focus on pleasure at that moment, so the answer is in that special moment.

    If during orgasm you follow your body's impulses and enjoy the pleasure then by following your body's impulses based on pleasure you can have orgasms.

    At the time you want to go to orgasm you need some excitement to base your feelings on, then you need to pay some attention to what movements and contractions your body feels like doing, if you practice and monitor for some time you will find that you do not need to look for them =) they are natural, these impulses are always there, when you feel sexy about your body it kind of acts it out and your movements/contractions feel completely natural and pleasing with zero effort.

    I feel this clearly with practice, all I really do during these types of sessions is feel sexy about my body and then let it go naturally in to an orgasm. Contractions can vary just give it some experimentation.

    I think my description here is the best I ever written on zero stimulation topic. Hope it helps!

    Hands free ejaculation is not always orgasmic, if you are interested in enjoying this experience you should start by getting yourself close to ejaculation then stooping physical stimulation and try to use body contractions to go over in to an orgasm hands free. You can eventually find the feeling place of that trigger factor and separate ejaculation from orgasm.

    Interesting techniques along the lines of stooping stimulation and going in to orgasm I found some time a go. If you get close to ejaculatory orgasm you can have mere than one orgasm at that time you need to apply allot of stimulation to start off that orgasm then stop all stimulation completely and wait about a second, you will feel first wave of pleasure and start ejaculating as soon as you start ejaculating resume rapid stimulation until next orgasm hits you, ejaculation reflex get reactivated again and you get another orgasm, as soon as next orgasm begins, stop stimulation again for one second and resume again. I had maximum of 6 orgasms back to back this way it is fun as hell and most of all you will likely get a grip on this technique very fast. It feels as if you ejaculate your guts out and you do feel exhausted after, but you should give it a try, it's fun.