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Other recomended Audio.
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    Hi, it's been a while.
    Thought I would share some of my favorite
    Meditation(Also Dreaming) tracks with you.
    I think I put all the proper info below to follow.

    Please Enjoy!

    Track Name Album

    The Breathing Stone A Retrospective
    Perfect Dream New Life Dreaming
    Where I Live New Life Dreaming
    Gravity of Liquids Terraform
    First Murmer Possible Planet
    Gestation Possible Planet
    Cell Memory Possible Planet
    Wicked Dream Fever Dreams
    Fever Pulse Fever Dreams
    Artifacts A Retrospective
    Tantra Mentra Fever Dreams
    Moved Beyond Fever Dreams
    Immersion:One Immersion:One
    The Memory Pool 3 Ascension of Shadows
    Ascension for Protection Cavern of Sirens
    Hidden Earth and the Shadows Dance Cavern of Sirens
    Middle World Passage Cavern of sirens
    The Current Below Cavern of Sirens
    The Graceful Sky Cavern of Sirens
    The Dream Circle The Dream Circle
    Ancestral Horizon A Retrospective
    Flatlands A Retrospective
    The Continent A Retrospective
    The Memory A Retrospective
    Magnificent Gallery A Retrospective
    The Passing Time A Retrospective

    I recomend these specific tracks, which I have been listening to
    for quite a while now, to be played in the order which I have
    placed them into.
    Ofcoarse you dont have to!! However I spent several hours creating
    a leading mood utilizing these tracks and I believe you will find it
    to be as mesmerizing as I have.(I would recomend sampling the track
    called "Gravity of Liquids" which I believe can be found at
    and as far as I am aware individual tracks can be purchased on-line, etc.
    some of Steve's work is quite "Dark" by my tastes however I believe his
    style to be magnificient! Check it out!

    All Titles by "Steve Roach"in collaboration with
    "Loren Nerell" and "Vidna Obmana".
    Steve has several other titles available with some albums
    created in collaberation with other talented artists.