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non-ejaculatory orgasms vs. non-ejaculatory penile orgasms?
  • I get confused sometimes on the subject of non-ejaculatory orgasms or dry-o's. Aren't there a few different kinds? While I feel I've had the Super O on a few occassion I've never felt throbbing in my penis, penile orgasmic spasms/contractions. I remember when I was a kid when I ended up having an orgasm for what seemed like 15 minutes where I was having one orgasm on top of the other spurting clear prostate fluid constantly and my balls felt a lot smaller and started aching. I was humping my friend when this happen. This is right before I reached puberty. My experience with the Super O is doesn't have much to do with the penis at all just everything else. So is a Super O like someone having a penile orgasm non-stop? Does activity occur in their penis? Because this part never happened to me since I was a kid. When I was a kid I would have a small refractory period when it came to using the pool jets to have dry penile orgasms. Super O to me seems like the high feelings you get during a penile orgasm that keep going but it doesn't involve any activity in the besides fluctuating erections and flowing or gushing pre-cum (prostate fluid). Isn't there a difference between a non-ejaculatory orgasm and a non-ejaculation penile orgasm (dry orgasm without semen)? Tell me if I'm correct.

    I wish there were some scientific way to get continous penile orgasms like I could on a few occassions as a kid.

    Could you also explain from your perspective and experience what the difference between p-waves, mini-o's, and super-o's are? What exactly is a p-wave? What is the difference between a mini-o and dry-o? What's the difference between a dry O and Super O? And how can you tell whether you are having a mini-o or the actual Super O? What is the difference I've had all sorts of feelings but don't always know what terms for them are or how to define them. I've read most of the wiki and understand a lot it but sometimes hearing from experts helps confirm certain things a little. The definition to p-waves is not mentioned in the wiki. Your help would be appreciated. Any one with any answers and/or advice, please chip in.

    I'm 26 by the way and have been using the Aneros since late 2006. I alternate between the SGX, MGX, and Progasm. I wish more guys my age would get into the Aneros.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    You’ve asked some good questions, I wish I had some good answers for them. I’ll give you a few of my thoughts about these matters but understand that each of us is experiencing these orgasmic phenomena in unique individual ways. I may never experience a sensation that you regularly experience and vice versa. I view the range of orgasms as a holographic continuum of sensations, sometimes centered in one part of the body sometimes in another. Sensations that I experienced as a youngster I may no longer experience but new sensory episodes are also always forthcoming. I can’t predict when they will occur but I enjoy them when they do. I think it may be a hindrance to your enjoyment of the present moment to dwell on past remembered experiences in hopes of duplicating them now.

    While each of our individual orgasms are unique, there does seem to exist a certain similarity of experience common to many of us. Your noting that the Super-O “… doesn’t have much to do with the penis at all…” is often cited on this Forum.

    Many users have also reported increased pre-cum (Cowpers gland secretions) during their Aneros sessions while others do not experience this effect, again this is an example of the range of variation possible between different men.

    By definition a dry orgasm is a non-ejaculatory orgasm, regardless of its apparent center of origin, be it penis, anus, rectum, prostate, etc. So I hope you don’t get too hung up trying to classify these events. In my opinion a dry-O is not a Super-O.

    Pleasure waves (P-waves) have been described in varying ways. From the WIKI ( ) - "pleasure wave (P-wave) A feeling of sexual excitement and pleasure that normally originates in the lower abdominal and/or pelvic regions. P-waves may be localized or spread out all over the body. Some have suggested that the sensation feels like butterflies in the stomach (but lower in the abdomen) or as the feeling of sexual electricity associated with ones first touch from the first encounter with a lover. As the body becomes more sensitized with arousal amplification, pleasure waves become more common and can be produced by the Aneros or by other arousal amplification techniques. P-waves may be very subtle or intense." These are complex events taking place within the body on multiple levels, both physiologically and psychologically. Language can not adequately describe and communicate this phenomenon, my description for a P-wave may be totally alien to your perception of what constitutes a P-wave. In my own experience P-waves may have differing qualities at differing times. Sometimes it will feel like a warm surge that emanates from deep inside my belly, sometimes it may feel like the tingle of a mild electrical current passing through my muscles, sometimes it may be like a momentary feeling of swelling pressure either inward or outward that repeats itself in pulses, sometimes it may be a combination of these, at other times there just are no words to describe them but they are definitely there. I have started to learn to just accept them in whatever form they manifest, enjoy the moment to moment sensation and not be concerned with analyzing or categorizing them. To do so just seems to be a real session killer for me. So, it is really only your own experience of what constitutes pleasure and therefore a pleasure wave that matters, not what others are experiencing.

    With regards to mini-O’s, these are to me, pre-cursor events to potential Super-O’s. I would define them as intensified P-wave activity along with accompanying minor involuntary muscle tremors and/or twitching/vibrations, but definitely less intense than a dry-O.

    With regards to the Super-O, I think the definition given in the WIKI ( ) - "Super-O is an abbreviation of "super orgasm," a term coined by Aneros user Brian Mayfield for an orgasm that steps out of the normal frame of reference. A Super-O is an overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasm that may involve: durations of minutes at a time; full-body orgasmic waves of pleasure; intense pleasure throughout the pelvic region, particularly the prostate, rectum and surrounding muscles; loss of a sense of reality; strong emotional responses; flashes of color (optical activity in the brain); large muscle contractions; a strong sense of ejaculation (with no emission); protracted involuntary vocalizations, roars or screams; pleasant convulsions; pronounced deep or staccato pelvic thrusting or writhing; a sense of soulful release and relief; a sense of self-redefinition; and, an energized feeling immediately following orgasm and being ready for more (as opposed to post-ejaculation lethargy)." that is a pretty darn good definition and I would have to concur with it. You do need to understand that definition covers a broad spectrum of experiences and your particular Super-O’s can have very nuanced aspects incorporating those sensations at varying levels of intensity. As ‘BF Mayfield’ has often said they come in “… many flavors and colors …”. I couldn’t agree more and isn’t it wonderful they do?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi equalityboy81!

    All I can do is give you my take on this process!

    I feel, IMHO, that (like you) as a kid, I had nice, long dry orgasms without any semen! They
    were great and I wish I could still enjoy them now!

    I have always believed (and still do) that these were dry, or nearly so, simply because my
    body wasn't matured enough to produce semen. Production of semen and the aging process
    IMO produce this refractory period we now experience.

    As far as "different kinds of dry orgasms" . . . I have experienced different feelings tactily,
    different intensities and in different places in the body! (some even have heartgasms and
    full-body orgasms, etc.!) I have also had a few "hybrid" orgasms, that were part dry and part
    wet??? Confusing eh???

    I believe, the bottom line is: There are lots of Orgasms . . . from dry to wet and there are
    many versions because we ALL are different! If you ask Brian or others, you will always get
    an answer that is true to their own experiences, but the answers and definitions could vary
    widely on different areas!

    Then we can go into other routes to the big "O", (KSMO, Tantric methods, even e-stim).

    It's a mixed bag and I don't believe there is one set of answers for everyone!

    I like it this way . . . Variety IS the spice of life, after all!

    Also, IMHO, P-waves, minis, super O's are just a progression. I look at P-waves as a mild
    orgasm of sorts and if they progress to a higher plateau, they progress to mini-O's and
    hopefully to Super O's!

    I know others on this Forum will define these differently than I do! But, I
    believe "the difference between a dry O and Super O" is nothing! IMHO, they are
    one in the same! They are either dry or wet or a hybrid combination of the two!

    Hope this helps, but the "Journey" is so much more important than the definition
    of the parts of the Orgasm or whatever???

    Later, Hlaser99