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Two Peridise - At Once - A Revelation
  • hapticbearhapticbear
    Posts: 83
    I'm NOT recommending this as a way to use the Peridise, but reporting on this for where it led me.

    I guess because they came as a pair and I had them laying in the palm of my hand - staggered next to each other, they kind of fit together - I remembered how good it had felt once with two fingers up my arse, crossing and un-crossing them - and I thought, how would these two Peridise work inside - I inserted the thinner and then the fuller one, so it was below the head of the first, exciting the way they moved against each other and the greater feeling of fullness. However, they were not designed for this and there was I felt the potential to catch the anal surface between the two Peridise, which might be unwise - hence did not keep them in long together.

    Outcome though:
    (a) - I understood the potential of something well designed and fuller in dimension - so have ordered the Helix
    (b) - Variety in shape is a good idea, don't want to shape the anal canal to a particular model, so have ordered the Progasm as well.

    Progress with the fuller of the two Advanced set Peridise has been good - I tried it in while exercising, suddenly doing press-ups becomes a rather pleasurable experience. Later I found myself belly down on the bed, with a pillow gripped between my inner thighs, wiggling my bottom from side to side - oh yes - looking forward to doing this with the other Aneros models.

    Another position which really went good for me was standing naked, legs about shoulder width apart, slightly bent and bowed out and begin swinging back and forth from the hips, so that your cock begins to bounce up and down, and when it's got hard hits your belly on the forward and your balls hitting your arse on the back swing, a rhythmic upright air fucking I guess kind of motion.

    With the Peridise in, all these exercises felt really pleasurable, however the best sensation was relaxing with the Peridise out, later on, laying on my right side - I began to have shivers up spine and down back of legs which felt like those you get when listening to particularly moving pieces of music, but much more intense. Then it became a subtle, but overall body vibration, like I was beginning to vibrate at a new frequency of bliss - I thought of it being like a tuning fork later on - as if stimulating the anal canal and prostate was like tapping a tuning fork which later set off this resonance.