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Has anybody experimented with "male sexual enhancement&
  • I was just wondering if anyone here has experimented with any herbal " male sexual enhancement"
    in addition to Aneros usage. In the past Ive taken herbal supplements that are alleged to make your sexual experiences more intense with ingredients like yohimbe, ginko bilobo, maca, and tong kat ali. Has anyone found any of these effective or more pleasurable with their Aneros sessions ? I thought of maybe even trying viagra but Im not really sure it would help or make a session better. Any ideas?
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Not really. Ive tried somthing called "Volume plus" which is supposed to make you ejaculate more, but all it did was make my cum more thicker.

  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I have found that a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids greatly enhances not only my Aneros experience but my overall libido and other forms of non-ejaculatory orgasms such as KSMO and nipple stimulation. There are several messages about omega 3's on this on this site, and I especially recommend I don't think Viagra would help, as it is not a sexual stimulant. It simply enhances penile erection, and that is not an important part of the non-ejaculatory orgasms associated with the Aneros.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    While I am of the opinion that natural medicines as derived from plants and herbs are better tolerated by the body than the highly refined or synthetic compounds formulated by the major drug companies. I think it behooves us to be vigilant about what we are putting into our bodies and pay particular attention to possible negative interactions of these medicines. I did a quick search of the compounds you listed at and found some interactions that one should be concerned about if you are taking other medications.

    Viagra, in particular, can negatively interact with a large group of natural herbs/medicines.

    I have personally tried Ginkgo Biloba and Viagra (on separate occasions) in association with my Aneros usage and have concluded there was no appreciable enhancing effects. I have been taking dosages of Omega-3 fish oil for other medical reasons and have found it to slightly enhance arousal ability.
  • quoting sources:
    " Yohimbe can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure, as well as anxiety and other side effects."
    " the FDA has had a number of reports of seizures and kidney failure following the use of yohimbe"

    Yohimbe doesn't sound like anything to mess around with. At least not to me. You may do as you please of course.

    Any company that touts things like yohimbine, or ma huang, should be looked at with caution.

    One company that is very deep into botanicals, is the Life Extension Foundation. You may look them up at

    LEF has a botanical "male enhancement product" that contains Muira puama --along with the bioflavonoid chrysin and also nettle urtica dioica. (another herbal extract known for its beneficial effect on free testosterone levels is Urtica dioica, commonly called nettle root. Traditionally used to treat hypertension throughout much of Europe, nettle has recently been the focus of several in vivo pharmacological studies designed to determine the nature and extent of its beneficial effects. Interesting stuff.

    So like,-instead of some stuff that might snuff you out, the miraforte has a reputation for being not only safe, but beneficial. here's their ad. a tad pricey huh? but if it does the job for you, it's a great addition.

    Also look up and research sex hormone binding globulin , (affected by nettle),, and also enhancing nitric oxide and subsequent cyclic GMP synthesis (arginine does this)- The dose of arginine needed to enhance sexual function has been estimated to be between 6 and 12 grams a day..--so get it on sale when Walgreen's has a two for one on "Nature's Bounty" Arginine... Some guys have reported that taking a large dose of arginine an hour before an anticipated sexual encounter produces a significant effect. --so experiment. --Oh and arginine -and especially Muira puana may take a couple weeks until it kicks in

    In short, I would tend to mess around with this stuff than with yohimbe.. Yohimbe actually does work.. --but what are the actual physiological effects and side effects of this potent botanical if you can find arginine on sale at Walgreen's every couple weeks,- that stuff works . Also guys older than about 40 yrs old, would do well to look up the effects of DHEA.
  • Walgreen's has a sale on Nature's Bounty L-Arginine this week. The sale goes off Saturday July 26th.

    I wonder if Walgreen pharmacies nationwide have the same sales.?. Anyway with the two for one, you can get 100 grams of arginine for $11. The stuff works.

    And DHEA would be considered an enhancement, since it is converted into testosterone. But it's not the same as taking steroids, or testosterone directly.

    This is an excellent article about DHEA , and fully sourced giving a critical review of clinical and experimental data -over 100 studies researching DHEA's many benefits..