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Another lucky beta tester of the HypnAerosession CD- Review
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    When i first tried the programme i was somewhat sceptical that something like hypnosis could bring about a Super-o. But trying for myself, all i can say is, it definitely is possible.

    Anyways, when i first loaded the sound i was treated to some very well made thunderclap sounds that sounded almost like i was really in a thunderstorm. It was then i could tell that this was very well put together, and that i wasn't going to be disappointed with speaker crackles that you sometimes get with files of this nature. Speaker crackles can be a session-killer. Next up came our hostess, introducing herself in all her glory giving a few teasing hints of the symphony to follow.

    This session is divided into two parts.

    First Part: our hostess guides you on a voyage of generating arousal within yourself ever so sexily and teasingly slowly keeping you in that "I really wanna jerk off, this is too much" but cant because she is also relaxing you at the same time (what better way to keep someone in a state of sexual agony, heehee). All of this done though ways of repeated suggestions of sliding deeper into trance, whilst becoming more and more intensely aroused (for those who are experienced with the Aneros, this could be a pretty intense part of the session because the whole body becomes aroused! And that is even before the orgasms start. I'm not as experienced with the Aneros as some people i have met on message boards, but listening to just the first part i felt i was going to explode, but couldn't as i hadn't yet been given my instructions of release. It was like sharing my first sexual experience with a girl all over again EVERY TIME.

    Next part: Now, she guides you through a "Symphony of your creation", This is what you have been working towards. Orgasm after orgasm, often on increased intensity and duration. Still using relaxation suggestions designed to put you further into trance, you now also get repeated suggestions of experiencing pleasure waves and reaffirmations that it is feeling good. Not to mention the sexy moaning by the cute girls in the background. The more i slipped into trance, the more intense my orgasms had become, eventually i became so relaxed and in a trance, when i was told to experience a pleasure wave, i would happen on its own (all whilst feeling the Aneros do its thing to me). My body laying there covered in bliss that just kept becoming more and more intense. being spurred on by her into even more pleasure. Given how experienced you are with relaxing and with the Aneros, you might not yet make it through this whole part simply because it just gets too intense too soon (which leads way to full body shuddering and vocalisations). Repeated listening is required. Keep at it though and youl be rewarded.

    If starting out with this programme, don't try to do the whole programme at once. It takes a lot of stamina for to get through what i experienced as near 3 intense hours, but it does get easier with repeated uses.

    Pros: A mind and body bending journey that will only leave you begging for more.

    Cons: Length of programme can be a bit intimidating for newbies, but it passes in no time.

    NO Aneros user should be without this program. New or veteran. What are you wating for??

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Thanks John for providing a positive response and good description of the “HypnAerosession” guided Aneros session.
    While my intent was to provide the “newbie” user with another good tool for his toolbox, I believe it also has elements that intermediate and advanced users may enjoy as well, if for no other reason than to hear the seductive voice of ‘Alana’ lull you into a soothing erotic trance for hours of enjoyment.

    The product is now available to view on the web site, see -
    You can listen to a short sample of 'Alana's voice there too!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey johntrevy!

    This Audio-Session rocks, doesn't it!

    I'm with you on this one, Pal!

    Should benefit "Everyone" on their Journeys . . .

    It even gets better with regular use and sometimes I just use the Disk 2 by itself
    to spice-up any kind of sexual session! "I'm in love with Alana!"

    Later, Hlaser99