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They're Heeeerrrreeee...
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    Our Peridise(s)? arrived today, yay! Unfortunately, hubby is working overtime and I've had less than 3 hours of sleep in addition to some major dental work, so they'll have to sit in the box for awhile. :cry: Hope they're worth the wait!
  • Woooohooooo! Good luck buttercup, keep us updated! :D
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    Looks like we won't be using these until Monday :( , although I'm really hoping for Saturday night. Our schedules just aren't coinciding for the 2nd week in a row, so we should both be good and ready by the weekend; we both tend to be pretty vocal-that's why we moved our bedroom to the other end of the house, lol-so we were thinking of Monday since the kids will be at school and it appears we'll be noisier than usual (I hope), but the past 2 weekends have been unusually intense even without the extra stimulation and I don't think we've woken anyone up. Luckily our kids sleep like me-dead to the world.

    Hubby seems more relaxed and accepting of the idea of trying these than I thought he'd be at this point, maybe because they have a medical value too...? I'm trying not to think about it too much or build up expectations since we don't know how, or if, they'll affect either one of us. Every post I've read sounds like they work immediately, but since no one has yet said they used the Peridise for their first Aneros experience it looks like we'll be breaking virgin ground. I suspect they will at least enhance our lovemaking if he keeps them in during sex; I've already warned him that if they set him off like I've read they do to other people I probably won't be able to stop myself from attacking him. Mmm Mmmm good! :lol:
  • I think you have the ideal mindset there......keep an open mind and just see where it takes you both!

    But try to get him to keep it in while making me, it DOES make a difference!

    I'm dying to know how it feels for you(as I'm sure are a lot of guys here)...keep the updates coming! :D

    Lol @ attacking might set you off never know! hehe
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    Well, we've now both tried the Peridise and had mixed results, although that's due more to our own failures to do it "properly" than anything else.

    After a second week of very little physical contact we couldn't wait to get our hands on each other Saturday night; as I've said, hubby always makes sure to take care of me first and just having my arms around him set me off, never mind getting him inside me. (We joked later that all he had to do was show up, I took care of the rest, lol.) Once I'd had the edge taken off we lubed up the largest Peridise and inserted it in him, and I believe from something he said that it did move a bit on its own but then (I found out later) he misunderstood something that I said and stopped doing contractions, so it was kind of a dud after that. I was still pretty turned on and he appeared to be even harder than usual so I couldn't resist taking him in my mouth and there I did see an effect-while I normally can spend time teasing him and generally having my way with him for awhile, this time he went from zero to sixty almost immediately. I pulled back and waited a few seconds, and when I started again he again was ready to come very quickly so I finished him off. There was definitely an increase in volume, not the most I've ever gotten from him, but more than usual.
    The most remarkable thing about this was that he normally has excellent control under any circumstances, but this was the second time I'd gotten him off that day and usually that would mean he'd be able to hold back almost indefinitely. It was fun for me to see him slip over the edge that easily.

    The next day he mentioned several times that his penis seemed to be withdrawing or hiding (also unusual). I don't know if that was connected to using the Peridise or not, but it certainly wasn't hiding when we went to bed that night. We used no toys, but I did stimulate him anally with my finger during oral sex and he told me later that either I'd hit a different spot or he was more sensitive because it felt even better than it usually does; again, I don't know if that had to do with the Peridise the night before, but logically it might have.

    I'm looking forward to the next time we use this now that we have the initial experience under our belts, so to speak. We've discussed it and I've told him I really believe he's going to enjoy it if he remembers to do the contractions because he so sensitive there already; I'm also looking forward to him keeping it in during sex when we aren't so starved for each other and are able to go a little slower. :wink:

    I also used the Peridise last night (with less than stellar results), but I'll put that into a different post. I figure the newness of the experience combined with not having a prostate to stimulate will mean a more gradual waking up of my body, but I do have some observations to share.
  • Buttercup: lol @ what set you off! I was wrong! hehe

    But wow just you hugging him set you off??? Sheesh clearly I'm using the wrong deo or something lol

    Ahh shame that misunderstanding does happen....annoying but there is always next time.... :D

    Yeh having the Aneros inserted makes for harder than normal, but at a price lol You don't last nearly as long!

    lol @ you having fun!

    I have no idea about the penis hiding...I've only had that happen during a session, never after...maybe one of the more experienced guys would care to comment??

    Glad to hear he is enjoying it more, you might even be able to give him a super-O with your finger in a while!

    Yes, slower is better for sure.....I find that I'm sometimes unable to stop myself from thrusting hard and fast when I feel the Aneros really moving in me...and cant help but to cum very quickly when that happens so its catch 22 :oops: lol! Just something to be aware of in case he does the same.....

    Waiting for your observations quite eagerly I must admit!

    Its a pleasure to read your posts and I know I speak for all the people here when I say thank you for being so willing to share your most private and intimate moments with us!
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    CW- yeah, he can set me off pretty easily, lol. Odd you would mention deodorant because a few years ago he began using one that smelled so good that I asked him to hold off wearing his cologne as much since he already smelled wonderful; however, I was unable to find that particular scent last time I bought it, so that wasn't it. We both save wearing scent for when we are together, it's possible his cologne had something to do with it.
    I'd LOVE to be able to give him a Super-O using just my finger, don't know if that's possible but it's certainly something to aim for, lol. He seems to have a sweet spot right at the entrance to his anus, if I can get anywhere close to there I see (feel) results immediately; needless to say, I go there as often as possible. :wink:
    We've tried manual prostate stimulation but I don't think I'm finding it quite right because we don't get the same effect as what I've heard described here. We also used a vibrating toy a few times with slightly better results. He told me after one time that we used it that he'd had this feeling of wanting it in deeper-it was in as far as it would go-which was funny since I'd been trying to stop it from possily going in too far and hurting him and putting him off this whole idea entirely. It was after that that I began seriously looking at the Aneros.
    Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to experiment further with our new toys. I know what I'd like to do, I don't know if he'll be agreeable or not,we shall see. We've had a bit more time together this week (thank god!), so the urgency should be reduced somewhat, although thinking about what I want to do to him is keeping me on a slow boil so to speak. Saturday can't get here fast enough! :lol:
  • buttercupbuttercup
    Posts: 44
    And now, a word about a woman using the Peridise...

    I've used it on 2 separate occasions, in 2 separate moods, and I can't say it's done much for me other than possibly the medical benefits. However, there was a difference between how it felt the first night I tried it and how it felt on the second, so maybe experience will bring more results (I hope). Also, I don't seem to have much feeling in that area; we don't have anal sex that often, but when we do I am aroused by how much hubby is enjoying himself rather than the physical feelings. The only physical feeling I really like is when the head of his penis is inserted as far in me as it can reach, then there is something (?) inside me that allows me to kind of grab onto it and if he holds still I can give him a sort of massage that way. (Chances of him holding still for long in this position aren't very good though.) Logically this would be my sphincter muscles, but it feels like it's right above them to me.

    Anyway, the first night I was very curious and full of anticipation. Starting with the largest size I used coconut oil as lube and inserted it to the neck as directed; guess my muscles aren't very developed because no matter what I did my body refused to pull it in and I had to give it a nudge. Ater trying to relax for a bit I played around with different contractions and positions, and once or twice I thought I detected it trying to move on its own but as soon as I notice it it stopped, leaving me to wonder if I'd imagined it.
    I tried on my side, on my back, kneeling on the floor, kneeling on the bed with my butt in the air and kneeling on the bed with my body fully upright, which was the nicest position, but tiring. Eventually there was a slight burning feeling that was not unpleasant-I assume it was the blood being directed to the area-but the most pleasurable part was when the head was up in the same place I like hubby to be and it refused to stay there.
    I spent about an hour on this, took it out and replaced it with the smallest size. This size felt very nice inside me, however it didn't do much more than the larger size did and I took it out and figured I was done. Curiosity got the best of me after a little while though and I tried the largest size again using a different lube (the only other one we had with no glycerin). This time it did insert itself and it felt better somehow, even though there were still no actual results. I decided to try masturbating before taking it out, thinking maybe I could get contractions going that way, but instead I found I was unable to; a feeling like I'd short circuited happened, which I've had before on very rare occasions.

    The next night I was depressed-a severe hormonal swing, haven't had one in awhile-and thought maybe a different frame of mind might help so I tried again, using only the largest with coconut oil again. Still no results, and I didn't spend as much time on it nor try as many positions. It did feel different in some indescribable way though, I'm wondering if it will feel different every time I do it.

    Last night I fell asleep early-I'd been up late playing for 2 nights running and I was exhausted, lol-so now I'm well rested and considering trying again tonight. If nothing else I figure I'm doing my hemmorhoids some good as they aren't bothering me much.

    The day after the first time I used the Peridise I had that (rather nice) feeling of having been violated back there without the feeling of having been distended a little too far like I can get from hubby; the day after the second time it felt more like a low level glowing that I can still feel today to some extent. There were no physical problems that I'm aware of, except for the odd feeling that sometimes the Peridise is pushed off to the left when inside me, even though a quick check of the handle tells me that's not the case. I don't know what that is, but if it continues I might go see the doctor to make sure there isn't a reason for it. (What I'll tell him about why I'm concerned I don't know...)

    So anyway, there's my story. Sorry it isn't more exciting, hoping it will improve with practice; if it does I'll let you know. :D