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Just sitting at my desk when...
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Hi guys,
    I' just sitting at my desk trying to get some work done when all of a sudden things start twitching and I feel a little O coming on. Is this normal? Sure makes it hard to concentrate on the job. Guess I'll take a short break.
  • ede_1943ede_1943
    Posts: 23
    yes, i think so--i get more action like this when i'm not using the aneros than when i am--i often have a short session while standing or sitting around and they seem to be getting more frequent and longer and more pleasant, especially now that i know what they are--i describe the feeling in my prostate as a warm feeling and a cozy feeling--not at all sexual or orgasmic, just nice and warm and giving a full feeling and an all's right with the world attitude--it's nice to feel this while watching a ball game on tv or just doing general chores--almost forgot to mention how pleasant they are from the vibrations while driving
  • fllurkerfllurker
    Posts: 36
    I have these also just sitting at the computer. Also when I am driving after a session.Almost makes u want to take a bumpy road with lots of vibrations. It's getting to the point that I have them everytime I sit in the computer chair. just sit back and enjoy.

    I haven't had a super O , but these are great.
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Thanks guys,
    Yeah I get the driving thing too. Guess its all part of the "rewiring process". I haven't hit the Super O yet either but it sounds like were all getting closer.
    Good luck and keep your eyes on the road!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Guys to the extendable pleasures of Chairgasms and Cargasms! These "echo effects" the day after a session have been, for me and many others, key developments along the rewiring pathways.

    Here is a quote from a post I made yesterday in another thread about a multi-hour drive on Monday:

    "Like Hlaser, I have a proclivity for Chairgasms, and Cargasms, examples of the day after a session echo effects that KS can trigger.

    Yesterday, for example, in a drive to the Big City, I had wonderful strings of mini-Os, safely and without them being distractions, while driving. Between Aneros and KS, I am now "activated in the abdomen" almost all the time as an O-zone boost through life. Aesthetic and kinaesthetic (body motion, as while driving, walking as well as sex) experiences can and do directly trigger p-waves and mini-Os, amplifying daily life. At the right time, you can then call up any level of orgasmic response intentionally, at will: Super-Os or Calm Seas Floating Bliss of cosmogonic proportions."

    The names and "echo effects" comes from KSMO, but I find Aneros triggers them too. Clearly a Super-O is not something you want while driving or at your office desk, and you can maintain control here, but these wonders can surprise you or be part of your day and really put a bounce in your step! Part of the gift that keeps on giving...

    Enjoy and enjoy and enjoy...

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I have these sorts of orgasms all the time, particularly during my long commute.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ALL!

    Artform said it very well, indeed!

    I have my Chair-Orgasms every morning and they started, at full-strength, after re-wiring and soon after my first Super-O! (part of the package, I guess???)

    It just keeps getting better . . .

    Later, Hlaser99
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
  • moregasmmoregasm
    Posts: 2
    Hi, all.

    I'm a new Aneros user and an even newer KSMO disciple. Haven't had any Super-O's yet, but I'm getting pretty good at intense, prolonged glowing!

    All of this has reminded me of a "funny feeling" I stumbled on years ago and attempted to chase for a while. I would be sitting someplace, and as I would lean back and relax, a wave of something would sort of hollow out my legs and clench somewhere around the prostate (except I wasn't aware of the prostate at all). After doing it twice by accident, just for a moment, I started trying to do it on purpose. But without any specific anatomical awareness, I never did figure out a recipe to hit it. The best I came up with was to round the back, relax the legs, tilt the pelvis under, and imagine a hollowed-out feeling all through the lower abdomen and legs--this often worked. The feeling was just shy of erotic but still nice, and I learned to hold it as long as I could hold my breath and be perfectly still. But it never went anywhere, so eventually I stopped doing it.

    Now, after a few Aneros sessions, I've realized I am back in similar territory again but doing it right this time. So, on a long drive last week, I tried out that old feeling again. Wow! It was almost like I had the Aneros inserted. I discovered that the "hollowed out" feeling actually comes from slightly clenching the anal sphincter (the outermost point you can visualize) while releasing everything inside. So, there's a thin shell of tension around an emptiness. It's like maintaining that minimal Aneros squeeze between contractions while you relax before the next one. This made me discover that my Aneros relaxations had been pretty lame, because there was a whole other level of letting go that I hadn't been doing. The dots began to connect, between my old accidental feeling and what I had read about Aneros technique, and both have enhanced each other. Today, driving home, I was able to find my prostate mentally and "energize" it, sort of like getting a boner by thinking about it. Then I went into the "hollowed out" mode, and through the emptiness I could literally feel my pulse on the prostate. Then, it was practically like having the Aneros inside. Several times the pulsing built up to a soft glow. I wonder if I could have taken it further without the distraction of driving.

    The practical part of this for Aneros users: practice relaxing the pelvic area any time during the day, without the Aneros inserted, and you may discover another level of letting-go that you can take into your next session. I did.

    I'll never be annoyed at long, boring meetings again!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi moregasm!

    Welcome aboard!

    This is a great story of your gradual awakening! (or re-wiring!)

    I think you will find in KSMO and in Aneros training, that after your re-wiring is complete,
    you will be able to achieve MMO's without using an Aneros or Key Sound!

    Although, I will always enjoy the physical aspects of insertion of the Aneros or my using
    the Key Sound as a relaxation alternative, to get the "ball rolling" so to speak???

    It IS indeed an amazing feeling for your pelvic region, your genitals and your neural system
    to come alive for the first time in a new way!

    Later, Hlaser99