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I feel safe here
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I get so hurt sometimes, with what women say to me, so many women are so hostile. And even the women who support me and what I'm doing, I feel so alien from them. They can't understand because they haven't experienced what I've experienced. Most women who go on my diet don't take it to the level I have, to the level of spontaneous orgasms, easy multiple vaginal orgasms. They just want higher libido and stop at that level when they reach it. And the women who do reach my level don't like to talk about it.

    It's hard sometimes, dealing with what I'm going through, because it's so strange and mindboggling that I feel I have to talk about how good it is, how strange it is, and then I get into trouble with women. Like the other day, I woke up from a wet dream and I was in the middle of a string of like a hundred vaginal orgasms. I couldn't believe it, that my body could do that.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to get that off my chest, here, where I feel normal.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Hi Zane,

    First, thank you for being so willing to share such personal feelings. It is clear these feelings have been churning away for awhile, and needed to be expressed... We are all lucky that you felt so highly of Forum to share with us...

    Second, I want to say I agree. I have not shared my "Aneros Adventures" with anyone...too risky. I am even uncomfortable with sharing this with a couple life-long friends... Sad, but it's the real world.

    I think we tend to forget that while we struggle to reach the Super-"O"... Just imagine that struggle without this Forum... This Forum is pretty special...

    I do find myself utterly, utterly amazed at the topics discussed and what I have been willing to commit to print myself! Prostate cradle, KSMO, feelings of being gay by some, telling a spouse / partner, nipple massage, soft palete breathing, Slightest Touch, Extended deer position, your very informative diet information, and it goes on and on. Absolutely AMAZING!

    Aneros has to be complemented for providing this forum. Granted, they do benefit and I do wonder who the Aneros "staff" are that post here, but, regardless, this Forum is something they should be proud of...

    But, it is the individuals that are willing explore, ponder, experiment, and DISCUSS the Aneros Journey, the items above, and MANY more that is the heart and success of this Forum... The WILLINGNESS by all to allow any and all ideas, pro and con, no matter how bizarre is invaluable for finding the truth behind this particular aspect of the human body's pleasure, and for some, spiritial bliss...

    Zane, come often... Spend as much time as you like... Please..., please..., continue to add your diet insights and knowledge to help the rest of us to improve and develop our experiences in this journey...

    Thanks again for sharing your feelings...

    And, regardless, of what others might say or think..., you..., me..., we..., are ALL normal...!

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hey Zane...cheer up gal. It will be ok. We are who we are, and that's all we can be. That's all we're blessed with being, and that's a lot. Remember to look to the the good.

    Anyhow...yep, it's tough to have such gifts. I feel isolated in them myself. It's good to share it here, but still it doesn't seem like enough. These orgasms are so overwhelming. I can't really share them with anyone I know. My guy friends would likely mock and think I'm turning gay or something. My woman would likely think it frivolous. I think even here there aren't many experiencing what I have in such a short time. Things like this that really shake you up beg to be shared in some way.

    It has to be tough being you though. You are in the open - having written a book. Likely that would be hard for me, but I think it is something that is much more understandable for women than men. Women are expected to have orgasms - even multiple, etc. Guys are more or less only known for regular quick sex, ejaculation...etc. More of a utilitarian function. This really changes that and likely society isn't ready. Sure it's more ready than it used to be with the gay movment and all now, but most still don't understand or want to associate with such things. Perhaps they consider such over indulgence a sin? Maybe it is...I don't know for sure. I just know it is part of us, and so was given to us - why not discover it, and use it? Perhaps there are better ways to spend our time, but we all need something for ourselves also.

    Anyway, don't let them get you down. There will be those that understand it, or even get into it, and there will be those that won't. Just be yourself, and be proud of who you are. You have something important to share. Those that are worthy...will be grateful, and those that aren't are just like so many everywhere that don't appreciate anything good really. They take most things for granted. They will receive that which is coming to them.

    I'm glad you're here. Keep us enlightened. I know I have learned from you. I think it's really cool women can do what you do. Although from my experiences I worry a bit about the overall long term health issues of SO many orgasms. After I finish a session or my body keeps me up all night (such as last night) in the throes of passion - it is a bit tough on a person physically. I sometimes feel completely drained, and weak. There are a few times I feel like I will pass out such as if I bend over to pick something up. Maybe I over do it. You would know. On the other hand I'm starting to think it may be an aerobic workout. I think I'm burning a ton of calories and have lost weight and I think I am getting more muscle tone from all the muscle contractions and spasms. There could really be an Orgasm DIET or Lifestyle. Perhaps that is your next book. Talking about walking the Orgasmic Life.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Nice, supportive words guys! Indeed, this forum is a pretty special place.

    Zane, I saw an ad on TV the other day that your book was being featured on Rachel Ray's talk show. I did not see it, but I did not get the impression that you were going to be on it. I hope it sells some books for you. I guess it would all depend on how it was featured.

    There have been countless comments here on the forum about our inability to talk to others about it. I am one of them. I don't know what the hang up is, but it's there. I was re-listening to Jack Johnston's "Step by Step" CD about KSMO and in it he says that the ability to have multiple orgasms is within everyone and it is ours to tap into. I completely agree with that. How can something so intense be available only to some and not others? I just don't understand why it takes some people so long to get there. You certainly have to be committed to the journey. At least I did, or I would have given up countless times. That is why the reinforcement of this forum was so invaluable.

    Zaneblue, you keep coming back.

    Have a great day.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    This post just reiterates the point i was trying to make in a previous post. About how the powers that be are going to try to do anything from stopping us from knowing divinity from orgasm.

    "It now seems to me, that "The Powera That Be" are deliberately trying to condition us to think with our *****, because anything more would cause us to awaken to somthing that is much more than what "They" will ever be/come.

    It seems that the consensus for denying this feeling in both man and woman is acheived in oposite ways.

    Men are often played on thier physical insecurities, like when we hear terms like "Oh, you stick things up your bum, you must be gay". Oh but im experiencing full body, multiple orgasms.
    The reply is typicaly the close minded quick response "Your still gay though".
    People always attack what they dont understand. And the ammunityion is generally always handed to them by "The Powers That Be".

    Women on the other hand, are played on by their emotional insecurities. you will hear people say "The female orgasm is a myth, your such a hopeless sap for not giving into a guys unrelenting ****.". Oh but i do have G-spot orgasms, they are out of this world. Then the typical response is "there must be somthing mentally wrong with you. Its all in your head" once again, the ammunition generaly comes handed down from "The Powers That Be".

    They know exactly how our bodies work, and are trying to supress the truth that we are just an essence that can bend into a state of oneness. This is what i nearly experienced the other night.

    Edit:Why is it that almost ALL of these celebrities are not into tantra. But the idea of a quickie to get off. It is to keep us isolated in a perpetual state of a demand that is never forfilled.
    A super-o can have far more release than any penile orgasm. And you feel like you have accomplished somthing afterwards. "

    -Poor thing, although im male and dont know what you are going through, i really do feel for you. Being ridiculed because you have accessed a part of yourself, which i think 1.other women are jelous of 2.they cant comprhend the trancendant level of pleasure you recieve.

    When i let slip once at work that i use a prostate massager to get full body super-o's, they were like "oh you must be gay for sticking things up your bum". I tried also to explain the health benefits to doing a prostate massage, to no avail. They then feabily went on to go on about how there sex life is so good and how they have best orgasms ever that are penis centred, I just shut up for i knew i was fighting a losing battle. One enlightened guy versus 5 closed minded jerks. who 1.dont believe there is such thing as a full body orgasm 2.are not mentally mature enough to experience and comprehend one.

    All i can say Zane is, some of the things you say about your orgasms really turn me on. I wish i had a girfriend like you so i could share in the feelings. (im still a virgin btw. and to even have sex i need to feel "in love". i just cant understand how someone can sleep with someone they dont even know.
    Maybe im wrong about that, but i got a feeling im going to stay a virgin for some time because of it. Im 23, and still waiting for that loving girl.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Zane!

    I know what you mean about wanting to share your amazing experiences . . . they seem so "Magical" and make, even you, awe-struck and in disbelief sometimes!

    I have had mixed results from life-long friends! (All but one best friend, kind of put a little distance between us after that???) Crazy! All I was trying to do, was give them a life-long gift, that is to me more priceless than jewels! (something to enrich their lives and their Mates as well!)

    So, it is the same with men as with women! You're not the Lone Ranger . . . Zane Gray . . . I mean Zane Blue! LOL!

    I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you some time! (Writhing in Bliss!) Your sexual power would easily be enough for two to benefit with dual orgasms!

    Sorry! I tend to get carried away, when I meet a lady that seems to be on my same page sexually and with a similar mind-set! (I lied, it has never happened, yet . . . Oh, Well!)

    Better sign-off, while I remove my foot from my keyboard!

    Seriously Zane, take care! (You know you have plenty of guys here that will reply with our words of support and well wishes!)

    Later, Hlaser99
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    Hi Zane, I've only been coming on here for a short time, but I have seen your name a couple of times. I don't know what you do, but I have gotten that you've written a book and can have great orgasms? Is that right? I don't know about the women around you in your life, but maybe their jelous? I have been trying and working for years to get a g-spot orgasm! I keep trying :D Fun trying anyway. I did ejaculate twice (yeah, I don't believe it either sometimes) and trust me, I've tried like crazy for years since that too! LOL

    I think it is hard to be different. It can get very lonely. I myself am bi-curious but had noone to tell it to other than my husband (till I found the shybi welsite.) I have my two best friends but, because of things they've said in the past, I will never be able to tell them. ***sigh*** I too find men more comfortable to be around. They don't play word games. They are up front and honest. Very nice! I will say I was bummed cuz yesterday I went on the equivalent of the shybi website but for men ( and I posted about the Aneros and wanted to get replys and comments and even advertise it - and at the top of my post I admitted right away that I was a woman. And, just because of being a woman I was banned. Before I couldn't read the post though I did see that I had four replys and two of them had one! And they were very keyed up about them! (I understand why I was banned, still a bummer though.)

    Chin up, I think sometimes what is hard in life just makes us stronger and more unique!

    I also think everyone needs something, ONE thing to get us through life. What we choose is up to us. People can chose sex, drugs, smoking, drinking, exercise, food, etc.... I have chosen smoking in the past and food (which I am still working on cuz I don't think that one is too healthy.) I'm trying to trade them for exercise, at least that could be good for me! LOL and sex is always fun. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you! ;o)

    Take care,

    mm's wife
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    same music man as on fleshlight forum?
  • musicmanmusicman
    Posts: 47
    Nope EZ - I'm the one that you've replyed to my post about that I bought the Helix for my hubby. Good to see you!

    mm's wife
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147

    I am glad you feel safe here on the forum. Your research on the diet is a breakthrough that many people do not understand. It has opened up a new door in my sexual ability to orgasm with the aneros. I am sorry that some women just do not appreciate your knowledge and ability like the members of this forum.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Thank you so much for all your support! I actually was on that Rachael Ray show. That's weird too, the publicity.

    But it's just freaky sometimes, how much pleasure I can feel, and I sometimes really need to talk about it because it's so hard to process how amazing it feels. Not just the number of vaginal orgasms I can have, but the higher tantric chakra orgasms too. And here it's all good, we can talk about this sort of pleasure and we are among other people who can experience it, and those who are actively trying to experience it if they aren't quite there yet.

    I get a lot of madonna/whore reactions from men, and from women either the reaction that I should see a psychiatrist and be put on medication to stop this ability, or that I'm lying, or that I'm just being slutty to get male attention. I shouldn't let it hurt me but it does.

    On the other hand I shouldn't complain because of course I am experiencing all this intense pleasure and these transcendent sexual states of being! :lol:
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi Zane,

    In one way it surprises me that in these "enlightened" times there are so many who seem ready to reject sexual abilities that don't conform to the conventional models as projected by films, magazines - well, the media in general. But, on the other hand, it shouldn't surprise me having had a lifetime's experience of the general bigotry and rigid thought that is everywhere.

    I admire your courage in engaging your friends and acquaintances in discussion of your multi-orgasmic abilities - something I've pondered over but will probably never bring myself to do - it's inhibitions my dear!

    I see that you have been an active contributor on the KSMO forum in past times but have not seen you there lately - any particular reason for your absence?

    It would be nice to see you back there.

    Has the KSMO played any part in your acquired multi-oprgasmic skills?

    Mog :D
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    The KSMO actually decreases my sexual function, so I avoid posting there, not wanting to be a wet blanket. I even spoke directly with the author over the phone, so I know I'm doing it correctly.

    Perhaps it's because my sexual energy already easily rises to my fourth chakra? I don't know.

    I've had seven heart chakra orgasms in the last 24 hours, I'm surprised I'm still alive. This is the first time I've ever felt that I had to rest my body for a bit; I've always thought my sexual energy was inexhaustible, being female, but I've finally poured out too much, I think.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    zaneblue said:

    The KSMO actually decreases my sexual function, so I avoid posting there, not wanting to be a wet blanket. I even spoke directly with the author over the phone, so I know I'm doing it correctly.

    Perhaps it's because my sexual energy already easily rises to my fourth chakra? I don't know.

    I've had seven heart chakra orgasms in the last 24 hours, I'm surprised I'm still alive. This is the first time I've ever felt that I had to rest my body for a bit; I've always thought my sexual energy was inexhaustible, being female, but I've finally poured out too much, I think.

    I have no doubt that KSMO IS a very powerful method for accessing and controlling erotic energy. I've used it myself, I've seen how it has worked for others, particularly those who have had difficulty in opening up by other means. It is however, but one way of doing this. It's obvious that you long ago developed your own path... a path that works for you (seven heart chakra orgasms!!). Whether KSMO worked for you or not,...I think it's great that you explored it!

    BF Mayfield
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    >The KSMO actually decreases my sexual function, so I avoid posting there, not wanting to be a wet blanket. I even spoke directly with the author over the phone, so I know I'm doing it correctly.<<br />
    If the KSMO didn't work for you that seems a good enough reason for avoiding us 'orrible lot over there.

    >I've had seven heart chakra orgasms in the last 24 hours, I'm surprised I'm still alive.<<br />
    I know the feeling, Zane! We're still here though.

    It's taken me three years of the KSMO to strongly activate the fourth. Although I've experienced the stirrings over the last few months it's only in the last few days that it has really hit me. I had just one in this afternoon's session and it was amazing - inside and under the lower rib cage. I felt that my torso was about to burst apart (in the nicest possible way of course)! Boy, did I enjoy a cup of coffee after that session!

    >This is the first time I've ever felt that I had to rest my body for a bit; I've always thought my sexual energy was inexhaustible, being female, but I've finally poured out too much, I think.<<br />
    A kind of throughput limit? The KSMO has shown me continual high orgasm which can be sustained for hours without boredom or apparent exhaustion. I wonder if such an experience for a male equates in any way with the natural default abilities of the female? Until some clever dick invents an internet-ready orgasmometer we are unlikely to know the answer.

    I guess you'll be taking a few day's rest after seven-in-a-day!

    Take care though.

    Mog :)
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    This is going to sound really, um, out there, but my heart chakra orgasms are ejaculatory. All my sexual energy shoots out of the center of my chest in spurts. :roll: I know that sounds goofy, but that's the way it is for me. At this point I think I could have the orgasmic sensation, but I'd be shooting blanks, so to speak. I'm all tapped out.

    Maybe men are with heart chakra orgasms like the way women are inexhaustible with genital orgasms?
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Um, when was the most powerful orgasm you have experienced to date Zane?have you ever had a megagasm?
    Right now im trying to work my way to getting to that level of pleasure where i feel like i dont seem to be of any particular gender. But just a sphere of orgasmic energy floating outside my body.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Hm. I guess that would be the one time I had a crown chakra orgasm. Unlike a sixth chakra orgasm, however, it didn't feel particularly sexual. It happened accidentally, I think because I was sitting up when I was trying for a sixth chakra orgasm, so the energy went straight up.

    As best I can estimate, I lost my self for about twenty minutes. It was a very odd sensation, with the feeling of something viscous and sticky dripping down my head and the smell of potroast cooked in red wine. Not really orgasmic at all! For about a month or so afterwards, I lost all sense of fear, which was very inconvenient.

    But I did lose all boundaries of the self and felt myself as part of the cosmos.

    Frankly I much prefer fourth and sixth chakra orgasms.
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    >......and the smell of potroast cooked in red wine.<<br />
    That's interesting Zane - is that a dish you cook yourself or are familiar with? It would be really weird if it were not! Unless it's a purely synthesised odour which just happens to correspond with real life.

    Currently I can do intense amplification of faint residual odours e.g. my partner's perfume in the bedding. Also warm rubber, toffee and other imaginary odours which are usually pleasant but unrecogniseable. As you say - >Not really orgasmic at all!<<br />
    Multiples are a crazy world!
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    This wasn't a residual odor and it wasn't an imaginary odor either. I wasn't visualizing the odor, it was most emphatically triggered, I assume by some peculiar neural stimulation. It wasn't exactly like that, but close to it in scent.

    Frankly I think it is the neural state many yogis and mystics pursue, identifying it as "enlightenment." There was a complete loss of self and a feeling of unity with the cosmos. It wasn't sexual, not like a sixth chakra orgasm.

    I'm glad I experienced it, it was interesting, but once was enough. At least for now when I have to be a mom and hold down a job and be highly functional in the real world. Maybe when I'm a lot older I will try for it again.
  • Firstly, most people get hostile when they are dealing with the unknown or something totally new that challenges their preconceived and fixed ideas about the world.  

    I don't know if this may be a bit late, and whether you still tune in Zaneblue, but thank you for sharing.

    Firstly, like you described, the losing yourself part is part of the yogic tradition of movement -or rather releasing- of energy, that's why you described the crown chakra 'orgasm' as non-sexual and more cerebral..Some people would describe it as an awakening, rather than enlightenment(that's a whole diff 'ball game'), but it is a precursor to enlightenment from the self. 

    Meditators choose a particular lifestyle, environment, and practice to allow that release of energy and I think more and more people are coming in touch with that experience more and more these days..

    In fact as part of the discourses of the Buddha, he mentions a process of Jhana, and that very first stage out of an '8 stage process' of meditative absorption is piti (some translators translate it to rapture, which is quite a good word)..It is probably what you had experienced initially, and that release of 'energy' sorta rewires your brain body connection accordingingly, that's why the byproducts/effects are all experienced proceeds along the stages into the merging stage where you 'lose yourself'..and perhaps you just experienced it really quickly, like a dip of your toes into water briefly to test the temperature..

    I remember vividly when I first experienced it, the precursors were like 'orgasmic'(for lack of a better word) bolts of electric pulsing through my whole body and concentrating in my head, best I can describe is take a traditional orgasm and multiply it by a 100 times...then in an instant, the merging took place and the whole body fact, words are impossible to describe it, and I can relate to how you feel like a total alien as there just aren't that many people that can relate to that 'experience'..

    The losing all sense of fear too is part and parcel of the aftereffects, and for some people it can last a day, others, months, and in some rare cases..years..upon enlightenment, perhaps forever..

    But don't mistake it with losing sense of knowing what's gonna kill you/dangerous or what's not going to...Most people are afraid of fear(as an emotion)..

    Do not fear that experience as it is following in the footsteps of those enlightened beings, all that is perhaps necessary from thereon forth is establishing a firm understanding, and live your life still as it is, in complete touch with reality.. 

  • thanks guys, for me be able to read this... petrified that's exactly the experience which started me off on this path... i'm not the only one, very spontaneous and it burnt up all that i thought i was, my memorys of my life before that are actually pretty fuggy, thats my whole life before that!! the only ones i remember with any vividity are the really horrible ones. in one moment i was a dead person then alive. And i know the feeling of being set apart from other people... i told a girlfriend from ages ago about it and she thought it was plain weird... telling her that who was chris (me) didn't exist anymore, ofcourse it's like that because the whole way of self identifying changes.

    Yep enlightenment, it took me a long time to believe that it had happened, i wouldn't consider myself enlightened now, but i intend to get back to that state!!
  • i think i have a habit of doing this... p.s ing and all.

    Petrified, it felt like the power of a loaded double barelled shotgun being put to the back of my head and having both triggers pulled, i was sure my head was going to blow off my shoulders!!