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Lube Question
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    I just took the plunge (pun intended) and got a Helix. I am not totally new to anal play, having used butt plugs before. But quite frankly I never got much out of them. Prostate problems run in the family and I read the good reviews on the Helix, so I figure it would be worth a try. Nothing wrong with having a little fun while helping prostate health.

    Now the question. I need to get a lube applicator and want to get something locally. What would be better for getting lube into the anus, an oral syringe or a medicine dropper? I plan on using K-Y since I already have some of that.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
    Hi Car_01,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    I’d recommend the syringe, the medicine dropper doesn’t work well against gravity (trying to force liquid up) whereas the syringe will do a good job in that respect. You might also want to check out ‘Pre-lubrication’ in the “Getting Started” section of the new WIKI ( ), there is a lot of helpful information there.
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58

    Thanks for the link. There is lots of good information in there.

    That makes sense about the syringe and not having to depend on gravity. I won't have to get down on my knees and elbows just to lube up.

    Since my tube of KY had expired (in 2006) I got some Astroglide to go with the syringe.

    Can't wait to get started! I'm gonna have to start going to bed earlier. :lol:

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Car_01!

    Welcome to the Forum!

    I know that allot of us don't need the pre-lube at all!

    You may want to try it with just allot of lube on your Helix then, as I sometimes do, just re-apply lube as needed during the session.

    Also, I would try different lubes to see which ones last longer and are slicker! (I use Albolene, found in the cosmetics dept. of drug stores)

    Sometimes I coat the Aneros with Vaseline and then use Albolene over it, cause its slicker!

    Hope this helps,

  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    Good point. The Progasm is the only model where pre-lube is mandatory. It's probably better to get used to the Helix before I take on the Progasm. I think I'll try just lubing just the Helix for the first session.

    Never thought of combining two lubes, I'll have to try that too. The slicker the better!

  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    The more subtle movements your helix makes the quicker you will start feeling your involuntary contractions. The syringe is the best way to pre lube your anus. Remember to keep a towel handy to keep your perineum as dry as possible. This helps to keep the tab in the right place.