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enjoying the super-T
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    most of my sessions end this way...just can't help it...when after 60 to 90 minutes of getting the thigh and pelvic trembles panting and rapid breathing...moaning as i lift my hips doing deep contactions feeling it fuck me... i start ball massaging...while writhing on the bed cause the aneros feels so good in me...this leads to slightly stroking...feeling a sensation building...which leads to harder and holding contractions...fuck i stroke myself to hardness...the feelings just intensify...when the traditional ejack occurs i;m in a slightly raised position off my back stroking like hell..clenching the aneros all i can...feeling the most wicked waves...and watch as i cummm gushing way more than a normal hand job self induced...i love it...have super-o once but this on every session is a great orgasm ...well worth the price of the toy...
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Agreed e-z! Dry MMOs are all they are acclaimed to be, but the pleasures of a SuperT is the other side of the Aneros coin and not to be ignored. Your description picks up my experience when the session's primary purpose in BPH therapy to (as Hlaser also says) "clear the pipes".

    Then there are the hours with mrs. artform with our mutual prostate massage techniques, and when it is an "Aneros in" session, she likes me, usually after she has ejaculated with the "waters of the goddess" flowing, to finish off with SuperT or the SuperF (Fountain [external upward ejaculation], that is).

    Long live the SuperT too!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    evil zombie & artform,

    Check out the new Wiki by viewing this page reference to Nikki’s offering - . Her session will lead you to a rather nice Super-T, if you so will it.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    for me...the climax with the helix or progasm in is 10 times better..i really don't care if i super-o again or not..been there...thus i'm not focusing on it..when during a session she i guess gets bored watching and playing with herself...she crawls over..slightly stroking me getting me hard as i do contractions...

    watching her as i my cock pops straight up...guess she can't help herself...its either cock devouring time or i'm getting on for the ride time..i luv both..