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Combining Aneros and KSMO
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Good Morning,

    I have been away for a couple of weeks so when I got home yesterday, I was a bit keyed up. What to do? KSMO or Aneros? Feeling like I didn't want to make the decision, I figured I would go for both. I did my first 10 minutes of KSMO solo to get stared (always recommended) then went for the Maximus. The following 10 minutes of KSMO got kicked into a pretty high gear. I know that it is not recommended per the Protocol (sorry Jack) but what's the harm in a bit of experimentation? While it was not the longest session on record, it was pretty intense. I was experiencing what can only be described as "snake-like" orgasms that rolled from my ears down passed my prostate and on down my legs then rolled back up. I love the Maximus by the way.

    Alright, that is probably more information than some of you want to hear about but I was looking for some feedback from any of you that might be combining Aneros and KSMO and what some of your experiences are like.

    Wishing everyone the best on this incredible journey
  • Hey Buster,

    Glad to see that you are still around. I haven't seen any posts from you in a while here or on the KSMO site.

    I only recently started combining KSMO and Aneros sessions myself. It's not something that I do all the time, but I do like to experiment every now and then. However, I don't start with KSMO and then add the Aneros a few minutes later. I insert the Aneros, relax a little bit, and then start my KSMO session. For me, it doesn't take many key sounds before I start getting those pelvic contractions. I don't do any contractions with the Aneros whatsoever - it's just along for the ride! For KSMO, the Aneros adds a pleasurable physical element to the session, but that's about it. I don't have a more intense session with the Aneros added in. If I were to think of this as an Aneros session with KSMO added in, adding KSMO gets me to that pelvic contraction stage much faster than with the Aneros by itself. So, for me, I guess you could say that KSMO speeds up my Aneros sessions.

    Keep in mind that the KSMO protocol is a guideline. You're obviously free to follow it strictly or not. Jack just wants to ensure that you give your body a chance to experience the echo effects and not be distracted by other techniques. That way, when you do experience those echo effects or orgasms, you'll know that you can do this with KSMO by itself and not have to combine it with some other technique or practice. I guess that's why he recommends to wait to introduce other practices at the same time until you have experienced your first KSMO orgasm.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Buster!

    Glad you're still shakin' in Aneros and Key Sound!

    Hi to you too, Onthepath!

    Interesting thread, Guys!

    I had a session, just a few days ago, where I awoke about 5 a.m. from a sex dream, inserted the Aneros (Eupho, I think?) and just lay these and basked in the after glow of my very real sex dream!

    I was getting all kinds of P-waves and involuntary contractions; then I soon started on Mini-O's and something told me to do a few Key Sounds, and as I did I started to dry orgasm in Mini's and then Super-O's! It almost felt as though I went back into my sex dream . . . for REAL??? (almost scary! but Good, Scary!)

    This went on for over 2 hours and was one of the best sessions ever!

    I love to experiment with anything and everything that may lead to a break-thru of a new orgasm!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • mogmog
    Posts: 181
    >I was looking for some feedback from any of you that might be combining Aneros and KSMO and what some of your experiences are like.<<br />
    Hi again Buster!

    If you are still on the KSMO training wheel and wish to pursue the practice further I think it's important to allow yourself a number of KSMO sessions each week which conform to Jack's Protocol - don't use any additional auxiliary devices or aids to promote in your training sessions. If you also can avoid any other practice on the same day so much the better.

    But at other times do as the fancy takes you - it's a free country (or is it?).

    These days I have some amazing sessions with the Aneros but far, far better ones than I used to have in my two years of Aneros use before I took up with and became adept at the KSMO. The KSMO increases greatly the effectiveness of the Aneros, more so, IMHO, than the other way round.