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  • i work nights as a grocery dept. mgr. over my night stock crew...a couple nights a week after my partime help leaves at 1 a.m. ..i'm there four 5 hours by myself...i took my helix and my small jar of vasoline with me 2 nights ago...after he left went to the bathroom and lubed and inserted..went back out on the floor to continue ordering and whatnot...oh yesss...walking and bending doing my job..very nice..doing contractions ...caught my self just stopping and moaning while standing still and doing pull ins..feeling it move in me...i like about 2 hours of this...i needed some relief...
    went to the the stall...dropped my pants...hands on the wall bent over a lil..started working and slow pull hans drifted to my cock and balls...started caressing and jacking...all while doing hard contractions and holding them...oh hell yess...was involuntarily moaning loudly as the wicked sensations swept through me...just erupted with a heavy stream of cum in to the toilet as my legs shook...good kinky i know but i loved it...might and prolly will enjoy this