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4th try and i got there
  • finally got to the super-o..if that wasn't it i don't think i could take it...started out as have been..on my back legs pulled up feet flat...lude up my hole a lil..lube up the ptogasm...insert and just lay a lil...start doing pull ins..slow n steady...maybe 10 minutes...roll over onto my sideright leg out left pulled up...gonna try this i don't think i gave it enough time previously...maybe 7 or 8 minutes this...i'm loving it..getting stirrings inside ..right arm starting to twitch a lil as right leg...turn over on hands n elbows...doing harder pull ins..can feel the progasm really working now...10 minutes or so the flip back over on my back..this is when it started kicking in harder...started doing rapid-fire pull-ins..arching off the bed just grinding hard and squeezing and holding tightly...tingling waves start coursing through my whole body..arms..legs start twitching ...just bucking uncontrollably...letting out a loud gutterrall ...OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD....wave after wave of sensations are slamming through me....stilll rapid-fire squeezingg....twitching and shaking...panting...pull my legs straight up..and jusy clamp down and hold tightly..this is heaven.....can do nothing but collapse letting my legs fall onto the bed and lay there in extasy...trying to calm down...if it never happens again..i'll never ..ever forget this session..lasted about an hour and 10 still twitching and tingling inside 15 minutes after as i'm trying to describe it here...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey EZ!


    Keep em' cumin' . . .

    Later, Hlaser99
  • thank u...i was very surprised myself that i got there on just 4th time...having seen quite a few posts of being frustrated...i think pretty much, kinda like in your tagline..that it is mostly mental...seing things said such as...i'm new to anal play...or...why is my dick not hard...or...2 years and no results...tends to make me think either they're trying to hard to force something or there is some sorta mental block going on...
    maybe the thing with i'm new to anal is abig thing..maybe they feel guilty trying it...i would suggest that they become friends with they're ass and the pleasures it can give them...yes i know we're talking bout the prostate but to get there u gotta go there...use some vibes or other toys to get your butt accostomed to being stimulated...
    on another note...i found the other day that the rthymic breathing with when ur clenching ur butt cheeks for the pull in stroke and the releasing...vary this up some..not just a steady constant always the same rthym...referring to the rapid-fire pull ins i was doing...meaning very hard and quick 2 a 5 in a row...very quickly then pull in hard and hold for 5 to 10 seconds...this was what started the tingling and waves coursing feelings to start...
    just varying it up seemed to work for favorite feeling of my progasm though is...turning over onto my knees and elbows..ass up in the air...and doing deep hard pull when i can really feel it moving about..just me but thats a good position...anyway since i have no mental blocks with anal play..being married 23 years and never wanted to have sex with a man and using the wifes dildos and vibes alone and with her using them on me...think that has a lot to do with and no
    problems enjoying this great invention..
    like your tagline says...relax..clear ur mind and let it come to you...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey again!

    It took me about 6 months, myself! (to achieve a bonified Super-O)

    Trying everything that you can think of, is still something I do always! This is how you develop new techniques, etc. Then we can ALL do, what works best for us as an individual . . .

    Keep up the great work!