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Brief session
  • I haven't seen much posted on the value of brief sessions as opposed to the "how long is too long" questions. So, I'll just note that as I journey I find that 15 minute sessions one or twice a day can be very intense, very pleasurable, and and can take me discernibly "one step further". I use a standing position and combine the helix with nipple massage. Three or four minutes is enough to enter a sequence of wonderful, repeated mini "O"s.
    By the way, the limitation of time is imposed by lack of privacy. I do look forward to longer opportunities...but if it isn't possible, a "quickie" is very nice ...
  • I have recently been taking the brief session approach as well. I have been able to work from home lately and I usually take a shower over lunch or later in the afternoon. I have been inserting my Progasm as I put my robe on and usually finish at the end of my shower so I can easily wash up.

    I find that I am able to get the sensations started and have an enjoyable time. The rest of the day I find my energy levels have increased and I typically have a smile on my face from enjoying all of the p-waves and general elevated level of 'excitement'.

    I am still working on my will-power in longer sessions so that I don't manually finish. These shorter sessions help me achieve that so when I have a chance for a longer session or having sex I feel like I am starting up a level.

    I am still a newbie at this whole concept but am enjoying every minute of it!