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what to expect
  • new here..but..i'm a adanced user anally..totally straight..married 23 to play with the wifes toys..grins..i just ordered the here in maybe 2 days i'm hoping..
    thought it being the biggest..will help me...since her back injurt ..we no longer have sex...i'm still wanting to do things...
    kinda be hind her back..i've been exploring alternative sexual things..butt fucking myself with her toys...using a condom...
    i like it...
    soo.. i ordered the progasm..
    i hope when it gets here..i'll really get into it..
    i'm rambling..sorry..its just that life seems to short to be totally limited..
    have seen videos of guys enjoying it..i think i'll like it
    i knoe shes gonna think i'm totally gay from enjoying this..but helli know i'm not ..i just like anal play