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Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Cummmiiiiinnnggggggg
  • Okay, i know the Topic title is a bit strange sounding. But that is what i was saying the other night.

    I got myself a Eupho about 2 months ago (i think thats the time). I thought to myself, how the hell can Aneros justify charging an extra £8 for somthing that is like half the thickness of the Progasm??Well, i thought, what the hell it can only give me a few P-waves at best. I then brought the unit (from Lovehoney, my now fave adult shop).

    I recieved it in 2 days (the usual good speedy delivery, i come to know from them).
    I did my usual thing to get going. First session was "meh, what a waste of money, might aswell go back to my Progasm". Few sessions later, i thought that i might aswell try the Eupho again.
    This time was when i experienced first hand, why they charged more for the Eupho.

    Usualy during my sessions with the Progasm, i lay there silent until when my super-o comes on i make my grunting noises (feels so good, i cant help it).

    But somthing about the Eupho (maybe the speed that it is gently pounding away at me) makes me more vocal THROUGHOUT the entire session. I find myself involutary letting out a half slurred "Oh yeah" every time a P-wave hits. When this happens the intensity of my P-waves seem to get stronger, and my "Oh yeah's" sound more squeeky, and the space between them decreases.

    The other night, i must've had the best super-o ever. I was building and building with those wonderful words, untill the pleasure got so intense. As i crossed over into a super-o i squeeled "cummmmiiiiinnggg", I was squeeking like a woman on her orgasm.
    The pleasure was like a very strong super-o, but with very strong P-waves on top. My eye lids were invountry shut and trembling, as was my whole body. This mustve went on for at least 3 minutes. When i felt it had stoped, i had the most awesome afterglow ever. The afterglow was making me gently moan as my whole body was spent. I then removed the device without ejaculating, and still feel the last remnats of the Afterglow the next day.

    So to those who are putting off buying the Eupho for its higher price tag. DONT!!It is worth it.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey John!

    The Eupho rocks, doesn't it!!!

    Congratulations on your amazing sexual Journey!

    Many more to Cum!


    Later, Hlaser99
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    The Eupho was money well spent as far as I was concerned. I really like all of them.

    Happy New Year Guys!