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Good Resource
  • I came across a great resource (and forgive me if someone has already posted it). It's They offer an ebook ("Ultimate Male Orgasm") along with a couple of other ebooks ("The Natural Prostate Cure" and "Penis Enlargement Techniques"). "The Ultimate Male Orgasm" talks in depth about male anatomy and orgasm and has quite a bit on the Aneros, which the author recommends highly. "The Natural Prostate Cure" has a lot about diet & supplements and maintenance of prostate health. I haven't looked at "Penis Enlargement Techniques" because I'm not as interested in that. There are also videos, several on use of the aneros and a couple on prostate milking. The Aneros videos feature what looks like an MGX and are quite good.

    The whole package is $19.95 and I consider it a bargain.