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Im sure i have alcoholism induced sexual dysfunction
  • Hi as you dont know i abused alcohol for 3 years before becoming a member of A.A.
    And i am certain in have alcolism induced sexual dysfunction, which means that i basically
    have no sex drive and rely on products such as horny goat weed and similar products to
    build up a sex drive, which helps a bit. My problems are that i cannot maintain an erection,
    i suffer from premature ejaculation, and i have a lot of trouble getting aroused which
    in all of this means it makes it virtually if not impossible to use the aneros prostate
    massager sucessfuly. I dont know what to do about and it makes things even harder
    telling the doctor that i dont have a partner i feel like its less important to the doctor
    because i dont have a partner. I went to the doctor and he offered me a useless blood
    test, and the tests results said my liver and everything else was fine. But this problem
    stands in the way of my obsession and goal of sucessfuly being able to use the aneros
    prostate massager to acheive sexual gratification i feel envious of everyone elses success
    on this forum. I feel like saying okay can i please have my sex drive back now. God damn it.

    Cheers thecritta :( :( :(
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    My diet should help with low arousal and difficulty getting an erection. On the other hand it will encourage premature ejaculation, but I don't see how that's a problem with using the Aneros, where you aren't touching your penis. Try it and let me know how it goes.