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New to the Aneros
  • I am new to the Aneros, having purchased an MGX three weeks ago, so I thought I'd give an account of my initial experience. I am a 60 year old man with high blood pressure and problems with impotence due to the blood pressure medications. Impotence & libido are two different things, however, so I have been searching for ways other than sexual intercourse (I am heterosexual) to satisfy my needs.

    Along the way, I came across a reference to the Aneros and found the web site. Shortly after that I purchased my first Aneros, the MGX at a local Adult Video Store. Previous to this, I had never had any experience with "anal action", so I was, so to speak, a "virgin". But had no problems in my initial use of the Aneros. I also purchased some silicon-base lubricant (Swiss Army) and had no problem getting it in. I got off on the Aneros from the first, so from there it was a matter of getting used to it and experimenting.

    I have not yet experienced the "Super O", but I have had some really nice sessions with my new toy. So much so that the only drawback I have found with the Aneros is that I want to use it all the time! I have read most of the posts on the forum and have found them very helpful and have enjoyed their openness and zest for life. After reading them, I have incorporated an initial enema to my sessions and now use K-Y Gel (injected up my butt and on the Aneros). As a result of my experience with the MGX, I have ordered the Promax and look forward eagerly to using it.

    It is amazing to me that a piece of weird-looking plastic can bring me such pleasure, but I'm really glad that I found the Aneros!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi jimp1947,

    Welcome to the forum and to Aneros. Three weeks in and you are already having success with it. I say success because there there are many people that cannot say that they have had that kind of fun after such a short time. I think that you have found your other "outlet" to your sexual being. It is truly amazing. Keep moving and just relax, it will happen. Enjoy where you are and the next level will usually hit.

    Good luck to you.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi jimp1947!

    Sounds like you have started on the correct path and are enjoying the Ride!

    This is the perfect start to a Journey that will continue for as long as you wish and in ever-increasing width and breadth!

    Just continue to enjoy the Journey and the rest WILL come to you!

    Later, Hlaser