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buy a body ball - NOW!!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    ok, i think i just made the best $15 investment in my life. a 65cm body ball (perfect size for me, at 5'11 165).

    in case you're not familiar, these are big bouncy exercise balls.

    aka, an "orgasm companion" (tm)

    (i just made that up. pretty good, huh?)

    i know, i know, i'm "hyper orgasmic" but, i'm telling you, this ball is over the top, the best thing i've tried since the aneros. basically the way it conforms to your body and responds to your weight and motion is extremely erotic and stimulating. plus, its resilience feels very body-like.

    here are the positions i tried (the ones where you sit on it would only work in aneros-less mode):

    - bouncing. you can have all kinds of postures. i found it particularly sexy and effective to spread my legs and put my hands between them, forward of my crotch, and leaning into my hands. you're in the position a woman is in when she is on top and putting weight onto your abs or chest. with this posture, your perineum gets direct stimulation.

    - circling. this felt incredible. your cheeks get very good attention. when i came i sunk deep into the ball and my whole ass got a good lovin.

    - side to side. this really got my prostate

    - back and forth. this is much like pelvic thrust and gives me orgasms very quickly.

    - straddling, like on a horse bareback, with knees digging in, and perineum digging in. this one is just amazing. like a huge soft delicious prostate cradle.

    - leaning over and holding your feet while bouncing.

    - leaning back, with hands behind you and stretching your breast.

    - kneeling on the floor, draped over and hugging the ball. this was also very intense, and would be great with an aneros. it brought excellent feelings to my breast and stomach, while my ass was free to hump the air. also, when rolled forward so my pubic area was in contact, it gave excellent external prostate stimulation

    - on back with legs draped over ball. this is a fantastic alternative to using an ottoman, etc, to support your legs. if you are aneros-less your legs can hug the ball and draw it into your perineum.

    all in all, this thing is basically an orgasm machine. its your... orgasm companion.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    That's weird, I use to always use to think of these with erotic possibilities when I was younger, but I never bought one. Guess I need to rectify that problem ;)
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    i have one and experimented using it with my aneros but was unable to yield any orgasmic results. i recognize that it definately has high orgasmic potential and i plan to experiment with it more when im more orgasmic. i would call it an advanced tool. my favorite position was lying on top of it; when you exhale it pushes into your stomach giving you an almost 'male deer' type massage - very nice!
  • Darwin, your resourcefulness simply amazes me. You have probably set the world record for ways to orgasm!

    In admiration,
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    oh my god. that is all i can say.

    for example, being stuck chest down on it having successive breast orgasms, hugging it for all i am worth, while my ass shakes.

    this thing is incredible. it is infinitely adjustable, conforming to your body amazingly.

    there is no end to the positions and motion.

    another example: just sit still on it. once you are wired for it, that will drive you crazy.

    or, put your hands right and left of your butt and push down. this raises the center up into your balls, perineum, ass. feels great. then unpress, press, upress, in a rhythm.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Mine just arrived today, unfortunatelly I need to take off for a night college class, so I probably won't have time until later tonight or tomorrow to give it a try.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356

    here are some tips:

    - when you pump it up, you're gonna be putting a white nozzle into its valve. moisten it with some spit or water. that will make taking it out easier.

    - when you are done pumping, you pull out the nozzle and real quick put in the plug. moisten the plug as well so that you can get it out easy if you have to adjust the inflation.

    - inflation. this is a bit confusing. it comes with a plastic strap that is supposed to help you know what the right size is. the strap has a hole punched in each end. you are supposed to wrap the strap around the circumference of the ball, and position both holes over the valve, and insert the nozzle through the holes. this way, the strap will stay in place. then you are supposed to inflate until the strap is tensed. however, i did not do that. i just pumped till it felt right. it is pretty firm, but not taught (taught being the official inflation i think). here is how you can compare your inflation to mine: wrap the strap around the ball, with one hole over the valve. measure how much extra strap you have. i measured from the spot on the strap that reached the valve to the hole on the excess strap. it was 6.5 inches. (i think this means that i have it at a diameter a few cm's less than the spec).

    i suspect that the inflation will vary depending on your body size and weight. i am 5'11 165. heavier or bigger guys might even want to consider a larger ball.. anyway, what you want is a good bounce and, that when you are sitting on it it cups your whole ass. basically you want it to feel responsive. at the right inflation it almost has a fleshy feel to it, like a giant firm buttock.

  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Hilarious, I've used one of these balls for years now and I've called it my personal Chiropractor. It gets to all the right spots. I've never really thought about using it for sexual reasons though when I use it in front of people I do feel like I'm doing something kinda sexual cause of the way I bend my body on it. If I can get anywhere near where Darwin gets with it, I'll have to change the name of the ball to my personal whore!
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Wow. I was a bit skeptical, but damn this thing is actually pretty damn good.

    For about an hour I played around with it and it felt wonderful. My favorite position so far was sitting on, reclining back against my bed and just rocking back and forth, side to side, in circles, etc...

    I didn't achieve any orgasms, but I did come close a couple times I think. However I have yet to achieve any type of non-ejaculatory orgasm even with an Aneros, so I'm sure many out there will have better luck than me. If anything besides an Aneros could give me one, it'd definitely be that ball. It simply felt amazing.

    I think this thing will become my little toy for my down time between sessions and/or a foreplay device before my session.

    One drawback though, the material the balls if made from seems to snag bare skin unless there is some kind of lubricant or sweat, which got distracting if my dick rubbed against it.

    Thanks for the heads up Darwin, I think this thing is going to get worn out fast :P

    Damn... now to try to figure out how to get to sleep while I'm in this highly aroused state...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    whew, great. (i was a tad worried that it wouldn't work for you and i'd feel dumb for pushing it.)

    i am really glad you like it!

    about the skin, hmm, i haven't really had that problem. the only time i did have a problem is when i am chest down on it and i am hard, my dick head and urethra might kind of snag on it. but... in my experience the ball works great with boxers which might help you.

    one advantage of wearing boxers is that i have found that another of the infinite things you can do with it is spread your cheeks. your anus gets more attention that way. the boxers keep the ball from being stanked. (an alternative is a good shower before hand, but that is higher overhead than just keeping the boxers on)

    don't forget to give it a try in combo w/ the aneros (chest on the ball or legs on the ball). (i haven't tried that because i'm in an aneros-less phase for soreness issues.)

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Hmmm... didn't even think about wearing boxers, I'll have to try that.

    I'll definitely try it with an Aneros model either later tonight or tomorrow, it is quite comfortable to lay on your chest or stomach, so I think it'll work quite nicely for that.

    Just got done using it for another hour, wow, I love this little ball. It's the probably best toy I've bought next to the Aneros, I think I might try buying a bigger one just to see if there is any difference.

    There is one new thing I learned with it though. Near the end of my session I decided to edge myself for a little while, the ball was able to push me over the edge. It caught me by surprise, but luckly I was able to stop at just the right second to only drip a little, since I'm trying to preserve my tanks for right now, but I think it would be an interesting release if I let myself go.
  • darwin said:

    don't forget to give it a try in combo w/ the aneros (chest on the ball or legs on the ball). (i haven't tried that because i'm in an aneros-less phase for soreness issues.)


    Hmmm. This is probably why I won't get one. I stimulate my prostate by remote control, by stimulating my nipples and breasts. And because I touch my nipples very lightly (it's the most effective!) I don't have soreness issues with them either. But I may try the body ball!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    uh oh, i better clarify.

    no problem if you aren't going for the aneros.

    but, my soreness issues are from pre-existing pelvic floor issues.

    don't hear much on this forum about soreness problems from regular use of the aneros.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Darwin!
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Well I just tried it with my Helix and Eupho and it was a very comfortable and interesting position. Unfortunatelly my session was a severe dud even before I introduced the ball, so I can't really comment on how good it was beyond that.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    i finally got a chance to use the body ball in an aneros session.

    not surprisingly it was fantastic.

    i was on my back w/ my legs resting on the ball.

    its resiliency, fleshiness, shape, rollability, bouncability, etc, proved to be superb, allowing a diversity of subtly different postures.

    i highly recommend it.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I just wanted to chime in again after a few weeks with the ball. Simply put, I love this thing.

    I don't really use it during my Aneros sessions, because I feel it'd be more of a distraction than helpful as I'm still progressing right now. However, this ball is fantastic for inbetween sessions and especially nice for foreplay before a session. By sitting on it, leaning back against my bed and rotate my hips while watching an erotic video, my perineum is singing after about 10-15 minutes.

    I also noticed something interesting. If I lay with stomach and abdomen on the ball, without needing to move at all, it'll slowly force me to ejaculate. I'm intrigued by how it is possible, as previously through my life I've always observed that I've needed some sort of movement to bring about ejaculation, but somehow the ball gives the right amount of pressure to the right spots to bring about such a reaction.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    Ashlen said:

    By sitting on it, leaning back against my bed and rotate my hips while watching an erotic video, my perineum is singing after about 10-15 minutes.

    I also noticed something interesting. If I lay with stomach and abdomen on the ball, without needing to move at all, it'll slowly force me to ejaculate. I'm intrigued by how it is possible, as previously through my life I've always observed that I've needed some sort of movement to bring about ejaculation, but somehow the ball gives the right amount of pressure to the right spots to bring about such a reaction.

    excellent!! i'll try it.

    about use of the body ball with the aneros: i finally got a chance to try it. it ROCKED! i used it to support my legs while i was on my back.

    (actually, as a warm up i used it in that posture before i put the aneros in. holding the body ball against my perineum with my legs --i guess similar to your abdominal hold-- sent me spinning, and i was almost too stuck in pleasure to insert the aneros)

    but, the best part was with the aneros, using a modified sling in which i squeezed the body ball between my legs. a-mazing.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    ok, now i know everybody is gonna think i'm crazy, but...

    if you are gonna buy a body ball, buy two!

    i turns out that when i ordered mine they sent two.

    today i tried lying on top of both, chest on one, lower body on the other.

    it is simply amazing. you get a sense of floating.

    the first leg position i tried was straddling. like i was on a horse but fallen forward. it was luscious and immediately orgasmic. amazing.

    then, i tried to lie straight on top of them. my idea was to see if i could use the balls to form a valley where my genitals are so i could have a lying down position with the aneros, and no penis contact.

    i didn't have the aneros in. it was just an experiment. i'm not so sure how it would work w/ the aneros as you are a bit unstable up there. but. it felt fantastic, as i said, like floating. extremely soothing and comfortable. kind of unreal.

    this all transpired in just a couple minute experiment. i'll keep you posted if i use both in a session.

    i thought of a metaphor for the body ball. it is kind of like you have a beautiful larger than life perfectly nubile breast to play on.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Another added bonus with using either 1 or 2 balls is that balancing that you do on them is great for your core strength and should be encouraged. All of it is good.

    Thanks for the tips on this Darwin.
  • B-ManB-Man
    Posts: 12

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Ouch, my eyes... I can try to go into more detail, but I'm not sure I fully understand how it happens yet.

    Basically, I get on my knees (slightly spread) on my bed and sit the ball in front on me so that my crotch is making contact with the side of the ball, then wrap my arms on the opposite side as I roll forward so that I am balancing on my stomach and hugging the ball to secure myself (my crotch, abdomin, stomach and chest are making contact as I wrap myself around the ball). I usually wear boxers and a shirt when I try, as the ball's material likes to snag my skin, so it provides a smoother connection. Erection doesn't seem to matter, but I like to do it when I am flacid, as it is less of an obstacle to get into the position. My penis does touch the ball, but more pressed against it at the base and hangs at the tip. It usually doesn't take very long at all to happen, I just relax and it seems to force my fluids out if I stay in the position too long. Since it requires no movement or thought, it is really bizarre and interesting to me. I'm wondering if the subtle sensations of my breathing is causing the ball to massage the area without me realizing it or if pressure is just being applied to all the right places to cause this reaction.
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    While messing around on to compile a Christmas List, Amazon's recommendation list showed me an interesting item, seems they make chairs for the smaller body balls. So while you work at your computer, you could be getting a nice workout. I just thought it was interesting, a little expensive though, but perhaps there are cheaper models.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    This is an old thread, but this topic came up in a more recent thread too:  

    I used the body ball last night and was reminded how totally awesome it is.  

    I used it in two positions. 

    1)  I was on my back with my legs on the ball.  Your legs can do all kinds of things with the ball as your body shakes and flops:
      - grip it from the sides, with legs spread and ass up against the ball
      - grip it from the top with legs bent
      - bounce on it from the top with legs straight

    2) I discovered a new position.  Stomach down, on top of the ball, hands on floor.  Legs straddling it and genitals at the apex of the ball, mashing into it.  Basically, a lewd, legs wide, ass up and open doggie position. It is very intense with your ass and crotch spread wide and shaking against the ball.  Its kind of like a maxed-out come-take-my-ass position.

    I would really say that at about $15 this is by far the most cost-effective aneros accessory.

    The thing about the body ball is that it allows you to put your body in all kinds of positions very easily and comfortably, and it naturally supports you as you shake around, and it has a sexy fleshy feel.

    Hint:  don't inflate till it is taught.  A relaxed inflation is best. Should be round w/ no pressure on it but dimple easily when you sit on it.


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Thanks Darwin ...  

    Mine had been resting, unused, on the seat of the exercise bike.

    Suggested subtitle:   "What your Physical Therapist didn't tell you... "