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Screaming O's
  • Thought I'd add to the glossary here - "Screaming O's". The other day after adjusting my diet somewhat based on Zaneblues regimin of taking Omega 3, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vit C & E, chocolate, then adding Ginko Biloba, and Panax Ginseng along with fairly low carb - I had an incredibly intense session. I was going to mention it earlier, but have just been too busy. While most of you have probably read other posts by me that super O's and really pleasurable sessions are normal, this was distinctly different. Before I even started using the Aneros, I felt slightly orgasmic. I was 'primed'. Usually takes me about an hour to get to Super O level, but this time everything was greatly accelerated. Within about 20 to 30 minutes, I was in an all fours position and intermittent kneeling down on my elbows. When I raised up on my hands my legs and arms began shaking harder and harder. I was saying 'Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh', every few seconds. This was one wave that lasted about 5 minutes. Then another wave came that was more intense. This happened a few times until I was finally shaking uncontrollably really hard all over, breathing as fast as I could (several breaths a sec) and yelling very loudly 'Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah' over and over every few seconds. The whole time was the most blissful pleasant feeling I can practically imagine. I was totally taken over by this and a slave too it. The same day I had a few more sessions similar to it. [I'm always having to stop because the phone rings, or I have to run an errand or whatever - very annoying.] Like I say though this was just unbelievable. I can't imagine it ever getting any better than this. If it does, I don't know if my body can physically take it.

    Have many of you experienced this level before? Gosh I love this thing, but I am becoming so addicted. I feel I may need a support group for this thing and a blog to write down my experiences. They are just too intense to keep to myself.
  • darwindarwin
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    how about you post this under My Best Super-O?

    to do that, go to your post in this thread and click on the Edit button. then copy what you had written, and post it into a new reply on the Best Super-O thread.