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Effect of different sizes
  • I have recently started using the Progasm. To my pleasure I started acheiving 'advanced' results upon first use. On my 2nd session I had already experienced the out of body state described by others.

    I purchased the Progasm based on shape/picture alone. I knew it was larger than most of the other products but didn't know it was the largest. I am familiar with anal play as I would borrow my wife's toys from time to time for stimulation....I certainly don't mind the size of my Progasm but wanted to know what I might be missing by not having other options.....

    I have been reading a lot of the forum entries and notice that many users mention switching between different products.

    Any thoughts as to what can be acheived by having more than one?

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi constantdripper,

    Welcome aboard!

    I have all models in my stable and like them ALL!

    Basically, the smaller ones have more mobility and they ALL hit the prostate and perineum in different places and in different ways.

    We are all different, so one will hit the prostate or perineum more aggressively and another larger one will be less mobile, but give you a fuller feeling as with the Progasm!

    Personally, I have had more Super-O's with the Eupho and it is one of the smallest models!

    I don't know which model I will use till I reach my bedroom and let my own excitment choose one from my Aneros Bag . . .

    Hope this helps,

    Later, Hlaser
  • mogmog
    Posts: 181
    Hi Hlaser and Constantdripper,

    >Any thoughts as to what can be acheived by having more than one?<<br />
    Like Hlaser, I love them all! However I feel that as one progesses down the trail and becomes more adept at exploring the world of Super-Os the differences between the various models become of lesser import. One is able to achieve top-class orgasms with any of them - it is just the subtleties of the sensations that are different.

    >Personally, I have had more Super-Os with the Eupho and it is one of the smallest models!<<br />
    I find that too Hlaser. I usually start with the Euphos and move upwards (in volume) during a session. But I sometimes return to the Euphos and progress to the most phenomenal Super-Os with that. There's no doubt that the Euphos has some subtle magical properties although it is so thin.

    >I don't know which model I will use till I reach my bedroom and let my own excitment choose one from my Aneros Bag.<<br />
    I know! It's a difficult decision. I've got them all except the Progasm. If I can't decide I delve into my bag and leave it to the goddess of fortune. If I disagree with her choice I pick one of my own.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Each model seems to bring a different experience basically, and switching them up can enhance your sessions by bringing something new when you are use to one model. Personally, I'm trying to keep from switching models during my sessions, as this will cause me to overthink things and end up switching too much rather than enjoying my sessions.

    Here are my thoughts on my models:

    Progasm: A sledgehammer of a model, will give you powerful feelings and fullness, but a bit less mobile than the other models. Unfortunatelly I haven't been able to go a full session with the Progasm as it ends up causing some pain after a while.

    Helix: Direct Prostate attack, you can feel it dancing with your prostate and is quite mobile and pleasureful. I like the Helix a lot as I can pin-point the spots that bring the most pleasure and manipulate it to my will.

    Eupho: This is a very interesting module, instead of applying direct pressure on the prostate, it seems like it hugs the prostate. Instead of being able to feel where it is touching the prostate, the Eupho seems to bring a disattached feeling of pleasure, that is I just feel good using it, but I can't feel where it is pressing exactly.

    MGX: I don't use this model much since I got the Helix. It seems to do the same job as the Helix, but has a more aggressive p-tab which can cause me some pain after a while. While it is similar to the Helix is feeling, it is slightly different, so I switch it in from time to time for a new experience.

    All in all, Helix and Eupho are my favorites, but in the end it is all personal preference. I think you would benefit from a second model just for when you want to try something other than the Progasm.
  • :P

    thanks for the replies. This gives me the type of info (excuses) I wanted to hear. I hope to obtain another model in the near future. I am having so much fun with my Progasm I can't wait to see how I react to different one!!!