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  • This from a Wikipedia article on masturbation:

    "A somewhat controversial ejaculation control technique is to put pressure on the perineum, about halfway between the scrotum and the anus, just before ejaculating. This can, however, redirect semen into the bladder (referred to as retrograde ejaculation). If repeated on a regular basis, this technique could cause long term damage due to the pressure put on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum. "

    This brings up the idea / issue of possible nerve damage from long term pressure on the perineum. Plus there are those that have conventional penile ejaculations with the Aneros inserted...this makes me wonder if this somehow potentially causes retrograde ejaculation...
  • This needs to be considered seriously.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    The technique mentioned above, often called the Finger Lock method and most commonly used in Taoist practices, is designed specifically for ejaculation control rather than erotic stimulation. It requires considerable force against the perineum to be effective, and is indeed, in my opinion, a dangerous and unnecessary approach to improving sexual performance.

    While it's certainly possible, depending on the model and the individual user, that the P-Tab may exert uncomfortable pressure on the perineum, it's unlikely to ever be as intrusive as the kind of pressure the manual technique employs simply because the sphincter isn't capable of pressing the P-Tab nearly as deep into the perineum as your fingers can. Even bicycle seats pose far more of a threat than the Aneros.

    There have been many posts over the years regarding the degree of pressure the P-Tab exerts on the perineum. Some users find it's too much others say it's not enough. There many ways to adjust the P-Tab in order to provide just the right amount of stimulation without excess pressure.

    Since the P-Tab is designed to provide stimulation and not forceful pressure, it's obvious that if for any reason the P-Tab feels uncomfortable, one should stop using the Aneros until they have first ruled out or addressed any physical problems, then make adjustments to the P-Tab itself (as documented in the forum) to make it completely comfortable for use.

    The only report I can recall seeing in the forum that describes symptoms indicative of nerve damage to the perineum, was by an avid bicycle rider who posted he was experiencing some numbness and erectile dysfunction while first beginning to use the aneros. He quite understandably was worried that the aneros was causing his problems. But after seeing his doctor, they concluded it was in fact, his bicycle riding that had lead to his condition. After changing his bicycle seat, he regained normal function and was able to use the aneros without further discomfort.

    Other than that, I don't recall any other reports from aneros users of nerve damage or similar problems which are commonly associated with the Taoist "finger lock" method.

    I think a good general rule of thumb to follow is: any stimulation or massaging of the perineum should always feel completely comfortable if not extremely pleasurable. If even the slightest discomfort is detected, one should stop using the aneros until the source of the problem (whether physical or mechanical) is detected and resolved. Assuming one follows those guidelines, and uses the aneros as directed by the manufacturer, I think the chances of nerve damage are highly unlikely.



    Regarding Retrograde Ejaculation: it's easy to check for. After your next aneros session, when you urinate, just look to see if has a "cloudy" appearance. If so, that indicates some ejaculate was released into your bladder. If your urine looks clear, no retrograde ejaculation occurred. Personally, this has never happened to me in 8 years of regular use.
  • Pan is correct about the finger lock being dangerous. Once the point of no return is reached it is too late to stop ejaculation by applying pressure to the perineum. Doing so may cause something to blow.

    However if one feels that the point of no return is imminent, a gentle massage of the perineum accompanied by complete relaxation will take away the urgency to ejaculate. This is what I understand to be the Taoist practice. Then after a pause, stimulation may be resumed and the process repeated again if necessary.

    If one accidentally comes to the point of no return and wants to preserve his semen, the best thing to do is immediately stop all stimulation, relax as much as possible while tightening the PC muscle, and allow oneself to “come lightly.” This is the only safe way not to spend a full load.
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    the book im reading now 'the multi orgasmic man' indicates that to achieve a retro-ejac you press into the perenium up to the first knuckle. well thats significantly harder than any P tab has ever pressed into me. regardless, this may just be a placebo effect but i swear i feel less drained after ejaculating with my mgx or progasm in. i love to save up sexual energy for as long as a can but i find that if i ejaculate normally after doing so i immediately feel 20 years older and it takes many days to feel energetic again. with my mgx or progasm in i still feel nice energies within and it takes less time to get charged again. whether this is due to the perenium stimulation or not i couldnt say. what i can say though is that for me it is WELL worth the risk of nerve damage. i feel so drained after loosing all my energy its depressing. im now focussed on learning ways to preserve this energy so its with me at all times
  • Is retrograde ejaculation bad? Can it cause problems?

    But yeah, my personal opinion is that it seems the Aneros doesn't press that hard to cause nerve damage. When I first used it I thought I possibly was having some. That was an odd experience, but perhaps it was just a massive rewiring.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Retrograde ejaculation is relatively safe if it occurs every once in awhile. I recall it happening to me as a teenager occasionally.

    However, from what I've read frequent retrograde ejaculations can eventually lead to bladder infections.

    In my opinion, any practice that aims for or tends to result in retrograde ejaculation is misguided and not worth pursuing. Ejaculation control and multiple orgasms are achievable without having to do anything forceful at the Point of No Return.