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My New Toy
  • gilroygilroy
    Posts: 1
    Hi guys I'm a brand new user. I ran across a link to the Aneros last night and promptly went out and bought the Maximus from a local retailer as soon as I read through some of the forum threads.

    I am a little experienced in prostate play but this little gem is DYNOMITE!
    OMG. I have to say the Perinum tab was a bit tight and uncomfortable at first when I first inserted Mr wonderful. I think I read about 50 times in the threads to relax. So I lay there, read some porn and waited for about 15 mins on my side.
    I began to get worried that the perinum was going to begin to hurt too much and so I rolled on my back, added some lube to the area between my balls and sphincter.
    When I rolled back over the tab did a full fledged heavy swipe across the area below my balls and I about hit the ceiling. I rolled on my back and began what I can only describe as a hula movement and began breathing heavily and squirming like mad.
    From there every possible movement from sitting on the edge of my bed, to standing there belly dancing in my bedroom sent absolute shivers through me. At times I felt as though I looked like I was throwing a fit.
    I did experience dead zones where suddenly the tingly feelings just evaporated and my hardon left. I think for me when my bodies physical movements became to physical it really distracted from the sensations flowing through me and so my body was just telling me to adjust. I did do some nipple play that seemed to enhance the prostate sensations and would recommed that.
    I worked myself to a really intense climax that curled my toes, but did not experience the big O. I think in a few more sessions I will. I'm totally looking forward to hitting my ceiling.
    I can honestly say I have never found a product that is this efficent and keeps you interested for so long. I'm going to wait until the weekend so I am really relaxed, no work thoughts and have myself a little party!! Woo hoo.
    Question, what are some signature moves that you guys are finding work the best?